Matthew Fulkerson

             Associate Professor 
             Department of Philosophy
             Faculty Member, Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science
             University of California, San Diego
             9500 Gilman Drive, 
             La Jolla, CA 92093

About Me:

My research is focussed on perception, pain, reasons, motivation, and justification. My work is thoroughly interdisciplinary, starting from humanistic concerns about the nature of lived human experience, and constrained and informed by work in a range of scientific disciplines, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, computer science, and linguistics. So far my primary focus has been on the sense of touch and haptic exploration. I’m especially interested in the relationship between bodily awareness and our experience of the world, and in understanding how touch connects and interacts with the other senses. More recently, I’ve been focussing on multisensory interactions, perceptual justification, and sensory pleasures and pains.