Mt. Fuji & Plate Tectonics?

Mt. Fuji relates to plate tectonics because it was formed when three plates (Eurasian, Pacific, and Philippine plates) met and slid against each other. Mt. Fuji is a fairly young volcano only getting it's current shape about 5,000 years ago.

was a result of a series of volcanic activities by the Ashitakayama/Ko-Mitake (Small Mitake), Ko-Fuji (Old Fuji) and Shin-Fuji (New Fuji) volcanoes. The Ko-Mitake volcano is dormant since 100 thousand years ago. The Ko-Fuji volcano, which formed the base of the current, Mount Fuji was active between 100 thousand and 10 thousand years ago. Shin-Fuji volcano which is responsible for the mountain’s current shape started to erupt about 10 thousand years ago and erupted repeatedly for over 100 times during a period of about 10 thousand years."