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Elazar Family


Salonika Branch - A Brief History

The Elazar family was involved in every facet of Jewish life in Zaragoza Spain from the first known records (in 1096 C.E.) until the Expulsion (1492). My branch of the family left Spain in 1492. At least one branch formally converted and became secret Jews, moving later to Portugal. In 1755 Isaac Elizar and his family moved to Newport,RI, where they returned to the open practice of Judaism and helped build the Jewish community there. During the Revolutionary War they moved to Charlston S.C. where the family passed out of existence (the children didn't marry). Meanwhile the main branch of the Elazar family moved to Italy (Naples/Otranto) briefly as in 1510 the Jews were again expelled. From there they went to Salonika and in 1534 the Elazar family was recorded as having established the Otranto Synagogue. For nearly 4 centuries the Elazars were associated with Salonika, although in fact Elazars settled throughout Macedonia. When Macedonia was divided among Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey and Greece, Elazars were to be found in each of the new countries. In 1882 my great grandfather brought his family to Israel from Salonika. My grandfather was 5 years old. We celebrated the 100 year aniversary in 1982 with Israel's president at the time, Yitzhak Navon, as the Navon's and Elazar's were neighbors in Zaragoza and later in Jerusalem.

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Ha-Rav Yehudah Elazar  (source:  David Tidhar's 19-volume, Hebrew-language "Encyclopedia of the
Pioneers and Builders of Israel" p.726-7  )

Albert & Nettie Elazar    Photographic page in memory of my parents
       In 1933 Albert and Nettie visited Eretz Yisrael (British Mandate of Palestine). My father photographed 400 feet of
       black and white 16mm movies. In honor of Tel Aviv 100 year birthday, I edited and donated the section of the movie
       of Tel Aviv to the TLV100 site    
Albert Elazar: A Personal Memoir of My Father   (First 2 chapters of a 17 chapter publication)
                               by Daniel J. Elazar (Jerusalem, Israel 1994)
Jewish Education and Jewish Statesmenship - Albert Elazar Memorial Book
                      edited by Daniel J. Elazar (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, 1996)

                   1.  Contents  2. Introduction p.1-13   3. My Father as an Educator; a summing up p.131-149

Photographic page in memory of my brother,  Daniel J. Elazar 1934-1999

Dani Elazar, Executive Director, Yahad Modi'in,    A Lesson in Pluralism by Robert Sklar
                                                                                                          Detroit Jewish News January 11, 2008

Elazar Family Collection   Franklin Archives (Temple Beth El, Bloomfield Hills, MI)

A FORMER, NOW DISCONTINUED, DISCUSSION GROUP, assisted cousins from the Yugoslavian branch discover each other. We have also received information on other branches and historical information, such as, Elazars in Majorca during the 13th and 14th centuries.

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