M-Tech Design

Store Hours

We work on items during our afterwork hours - evenings and weekends.

Feel free to contact us on the weekends and between 4pm and 7pm during the week. 

M-Tech is located in Coopertown, TN, just minutes from Downtown Nashville. 

For more information, please call 615-604-0594.

We believe in fast turn around times - with quality in mind.

Please send us your ideas, and we will start communicating to determine expected costs and get the design you want.

All designs are created using a computer CAD program - so I can send a Photo of the completed product before anything has been cut - this makes it easier for everyone, and there are no surprises on the finished product.

Finished parts can be made from Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum.  We typically use Steel because of the low cost - but we can cut any metal that is Conductive.

We also have outside resources.  If you have that special part that must be machined or custom bent - let us quote it - you may be surprised at how affordable it is.

Stay tuned - this site is a work in progress....


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