7 Tips for success

There are a lot of things you can do to become a better runner. Running is obviously critical but you'll improve faster if you take care the "little things." These include:

  1. Be consistent coming to practice and don't be afraid to push yourself! Come to practice hydrated and fueled up!
  2. Focus on doing your dynamics and stretches well. Doing them well instead of just going through the motions makes a difference in your strength and running efficiency. You'll run faster and more comfortably.
  3. If you have an injury ice, stretch and use the foam roller as you've been instructed. You've got to be regular here. Make sure your shoes aren't worn out. Communicate with your coaches--we need to adjust your workouts and may be able to give additional tips and exercises to help you recover! It's better to cut back a little now to head off an injury than cut back a lot later when you're really injured.
  4. Get good nights of sleep regularly. Sleep is when our bodies respond to the stress of training and become stronger. Don't undo all of your hard work by staying up late and skipping sleep!
  5. Eat well! If training is planting the seed and sleep is when the plants grow, food is the critical fertilizer that supports growth. Food is your fuel and the building blocks of the stronger and faster bodies we're building. Eat a little before practice and a good meal after practice to help with recovery. Stay hydrated--especially before and after practice.
  6. Give your coaches feedback! We need to know your goals and how you're feeling to adjust a workout or a season plan.

7. Keep a positive attitude! Believe in yourself and your abilities. Take a long term perspective on your running. Race results should not influence your view of who you are as a person.