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This page provides a quick overview of our club, how we operate, expectations for athletes and families interested in the Mt. Diablo Heat running program. It also describes the steps you need to take to become a member of our team. Please read this carefully before contacting us for more information.

In order to consider an athlete for our team they need to be able to run at least 3 miles without stopping and race a single mile in < 8 minutes. If your child loves to run but isn't running at this level yet please consider CYO track and field or CYO Cross Country.

Danville/San Ramon area:

St. Joan/St. Isidore Track and Field (winter/spring)

St. Isidore/St. Joan Cross Country (fall)

Livermore area: (spring and fall)

Coaching Philosophy

Our club is for kids who love to run. If your child loves to run and is already running on their own they'll probably be a good fit for our team. If your want your child to run and they're not that excited about it, they probably won't thrive in our program. Our coaches are able to modify training for athletes of a variety of ages and abilities. They have developed athletes who have produced amazing results at the highest levels. However while we train hard it is just as important a goal for our athletes to have fun and develop a love of running so running will be a lifelong sport.

We want to develop a supportive running community both for our athletes and our parents. We view the support of parents for our athletes and of our team critical to our success. As you consider our team as an option for your son or daughter, it is important to understand our coaching philosophy, along with the important role that you as a parent play in helping develop a healthy, positive environment for your athlete. Please see Parents' Role for more information on supporting your runner. As part of your evaluation of our team, we encourage you to read more about this in the Coaches Corner section of our website called- Our Philosophy. Finally we require parents to volunteer each season as a condition of participating with our team. We have lots of volunteer roles available!

One Team / Two Training Groups (Danville / Pleasanton)

Our team provides two separate training group locations, with the freedom to move between both as you desire. On the weekends when we are not racing, we generally will have a joint team practice on Sunday. This is listed on the schedule as a MDH Joint Practice. Typically families will choose a training group based on proximity to their home and/or where their friends are training. Regardless of where you train, we are one team and at races you will have full access to both head coaches. Internally, to help keep things organized, we have dedicated training group managers responsible for each of the locations.

Next step - Join a workout!

If you think your son or daughter is the type of athlete that might enjoy our team, the next step would be to join us for a workout where they can meet the other kids and interact with the coach. If your child likes to run, we're rather confident they will love the coaches and the team. Take a look at our practice schedule and see if there is a location and time that works for you and your family. Then, send an email to one of the appropriate team managers below to verify details and provide us the opportunity to look for you when you arrive. One item to clarify when looking at the calendar is the practices listed as PTG are affiliated with the Pleasanton Training Group.

Participation Waiver

Please note that there is no cost to join our workouts as we want to make sure that we are a good fit for you and your child before you go through our team registration process. However, our insurance company does require that you sign a participant waiver which is the last page of our application: Mt. Diablo Heat Application. The first page of the application provides us with back ground information to help your coaches get you off to a good start. The second page provides us with contact information. Please bring this form to your first workout session. There is no commitment on your part for filling it out.

Mt. Diablo Heat Application

Listed below are the current team managers of our training groups. Please feel free to contact any of them for more information or to join a workout session.

Danville Team Managers

Lynn Rueb:

Delphine Boyle:

Pleasanton Team Managers

Paul McCandless:

Akanksha Singh:

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!