Running On the Open Roads

Post date: Aug 4, 2014 6:17:44 PM

Here are some rules we follow when running on the open roads:

1. Always assume that a driver doesn't see you and won't yield even if you have the right of way. This is most important with:

a. cars turning right from a side street (they often look only left to oncoming traffic and not right to oncoming runners)

b. at intersections (as we saw tonight having the right-of-way does not guarantee safety)

c. cars turning left onto a street you're crossing

Establish eye contact and be sure you know what every driver is going to do before you proceed.

2. Space out! Don't run more than two wide when on a road and be prepared to move to single file when a car approaches. Give plenty of distance ahead and behind to avoid tripping.

3. Avoid running in the gutter. Gutters are more slanted (higher injury potential) and the curb presents a tripping hazard.

4. Always run with a partner.

5. Run with reflective gear. You can be seen WAY further ahead.

6. No goofing off! Running on the road requires that you pay attention. Tag games, chasing, etc are not safe!