September 2016 MDH-Oak Hill Alumni Picnic

2016 SF Half Marathon

January 2015 Lake Chabot Run

We like to run in beautiful, new places. This one was pretty and in the drizzly rain. Perfect running weather! Many advanced runners turned into running warriors turning some mud into warrior paint! :-)

August 2014

Mt. Diablo Hike

Coach Sawchuk leads the kids up to the top of Mt. Diablo - A great way to start the new team and the 2014 XC season!

A Message from our Youngest Runners

footnote to video: if you aren't sure what line tag is, you'll have to come give MDH a try :-)

July 2014 - USATF Nationals

The Danville / Pleasanton division of Oak Hill - now Mt Diablo Heat - had a great showing at the recent USATF Track and Field nationals in Houston, TX. Check out the videos below.


Jason Gomez takes 1st place in the 1500m , 3rd in 800m,

Tommy Bell and Jason Gomez race in the 3000m. (Tommy placed 15th, Jason placed 4th)

Emily Perez placed 33 in 3000m.

Aiden McCarthy placed 24th in 3000m.

Fall 2013 - Cross Country Season