Warmups / Gear

Our official team warm ups are custom-made Holloway jackets with our team logo on the back, along with the athlete's name embroidered on the front. These jackets and pants are available in a variety of youth and adult sizes. While this purchase is optional for your athlete, many on the team enjoy wearing them on race day as well as other times during the week.

Purchase Information

Traditionally we have needed to place one large order during the year to obtain customized warm ups. Since we continue to have kids join us at various times of the year, we are proud to announce that we have obtained an agreement with our supplier to allow individual orders at any time!

The name of our supplier is Pirates Lair, a well known company in the sailing community and BIG fans of our race team. As a favor to us, they have set up a special website for our team.

When ready to place your order, click on link below.


Team Jacket ($60)

Holloway Collision Jacket (Black w/ Orange).

Graphics: Our orange team MDH logo will be added on the back, and your athlete's name will be embroidered on the front.

Sizes: YS - YM - YL - YXL - AS - AM - AL

Team Pants ($35)

Holloway Sable (Black w/ Orange)

Sizes: YX - YM - YL - YXL - AXS - AS - AM - AL