Practice Schedule

2019 Track and Field Season

Two training groups locations (Danville & Pleasanton)

During the week, our team has two separate workout groups based in Danville and Pleasanton. However, on the weekends we usually train together on Sundays if we are not racing.

New runners in the Danville/San Ramon area are also encouraged to check out the CYO Cross Country. The greater Oakland Diocese area has affiliated CYO teams. Please look at their website for the CYO team in your area.

Pleasanton Practice Schedule

February 12 to March 10:

Tuesday: 4:30 pm Woodthrush Park.

Thursday: 4:30 pm Woodthrush Park

Saturday: 9:00 am Locations vary

Sunday: 4:00pm--Joint practice with Danville team, locations vary.

March 11 to April 30-(changes in bold)

Tuesday: 5:00 pm, Shadow Cliffs Park

Thursday: 5:00 pm, Woodthrush Park

Saturday: 9:00 am, Locations vary

Sunday: 4:00pm--Joint practice with Danville team, locations vary.

May 1 to July 22-(changes in bold)

Tuesday: 6:00 pm, Shadow Cliffs Park (changing to Granada track starting May 15)

Thursday: 6:00 pm, Woodthrush Park

Saturday: 9:00 am, Will vary depending on track availability

Sunday: 4:00pm--Joint practice with Danville team, locations vary.

We change location on Thursday and Saturday to optimize training. The calendar has the most up-to-date information. Look for events labeled "PTG" (Pleasanton Training Group). We also send out a weekly email to specify the location - contact the team manager to be added to the distribution list.

On Sundays, Pleasanton and Danville holds a joint practice. Refer to the official Calendar for times and locations.

Danville Practice Schedule

  • Sunday* 4:00p - Practice is held with our sister Pleasanton team. Location varies. See the official Calendar
  • Monday 4:30p Oak Hill Park
  • Wednesday 4:30p Oak Hill Park
  • Thursday 4:30p Oak Hill Park
  • We may use the SRV High School track for some Wednesday/Thursday practices. If so we'll meet at Montair Elementary School in Danville. This information will go out in the weekly email and be updated on the official Calendar.

Occasionally we will move to a different location for a specific reason. We'll send out an email in advance when we do - it's always best to check the calendar if you have any questions.

*Sunday practice is cancelled if a race falls on that day.

New to the team?

If you are interested in joining the Mt. Diablo Heat please visit the NEW? - START HERE link, read about our team, our philosophy and expectations for athletes and families to see if your athlete will be a good fit for our team. If your athlete and family seem like a good fit, please feel free to email one of our team managers or coaches.

Danville Manager - Lynn Rueb

Pleasanton Manager- Paul McCandless

IMPORTANT: If you are new and wanting to give us a try, make sure to sign the Club Application and bring to your first practice. The club applications is needed for our insurance and provides us with runner background so we can plan training. It is not a commitment to join. You can download the waiver here: Club Application.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at practice.

Go Heat!