Present Your Thoughts Effectively


Pankkaj Khandelwal

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"Unique thoughts, if not properly presented, loose their effect, however great they may be"

Infants, students, businessmen, job seekers, researchers, office executives, all communicate with others for some purpose. As we grow in our personal as well as professional lives so does the number of people come in our contact increase. Thus communication increases naturally.

If we do everything ourselves, there will be no communication. But, in real life, it is not possible. Communication was the need in the past and will continue to be so till living species survive. Thus there is no escape.
Branded products are sold by their price tags, as the purchaser are well aquatinted with their quality, durability, serviceability, etc.
What about non-branded products selling?
Shopkeeper shows, convinces, negotiates and ultimately sells his products to the customer. Here, both shopkeeper and customer are satisfied with this transaction.
The basic need of effective communication is that both presenter and audience should be satisfied. In whichever way the thoughts are communicated, they will be effective only when the purpose is fulfilled, and the purpose is the satisfaction of both sides.
Just as two persons are not alike, different presenters’ styles are also different. Thus, learn from others, but develop your own unique presentation style.