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MTDATA LogoThe current release of MTDATA is version 4.81 (released December 2007).

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MTDATA Databases

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Other Related Software

Virtual Measurement System for Al Alloys

The current release of the Virtual Measurement System for Al Alloys is version 1.00 (released 9 October 2003).

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MTDATA support files can be accessed via the anonymous ftp server at:

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NameDatabase TitleVersion
SGSOLSGTE Solution Database4.30
MTSOLDERSNPL Database for Solders2.3
MTALNPL Aluminium Database4.0
MTSEMINPL Semiconductor Database1.01
TCFETCAB Database for Steels1.0
MTFEDLSLNPL Dilute Solution Database for Fe2.0
SGSUBSGTE Substance Database11.0
SGORGSGTE Substance Database, Organic Supplement10.0
SALTSNPL Salts Database2.0
AQDATADatabase for Ideal Aqueous Species1.2
HOTAQDatabase for Ideal Aqueous System 'Fe,Cr,Ni,C,S,H,O,/-'1.0
MTCHVALCHEMVAL Version 6 - MTDATA Implementation1.2
MTSPCRTSupercrit OCT-98 - MTDATA Implementation1.3
NPLOX2NPL Database for CaO-MgO-Fe-O-Al2O3-SiO2 System1.0
NPLOX3NPL Database for Na2O-CaO-MgO-Fe-O-Al2O3-SiO2 System1.0
MTDEMOMTDATA Demonstration Database2.1b
UNARYSGTE Unary Database4.4
SGNOBLESGTE Noble Metals Database2.0
SGNUCLSGTE Nuclear Materials Database
SGTBCSGTE Themal Barrier Coating Database