Development Version

GitHub also holds the latest development version of mtCellEdit.

The development version is not as well tested as the stable release, but it may have bugfixes and other changes that people may find useful.

Version 3.1 of mtCellEdit will have many changes compared to version 3.0 so in order to use this new version always uninstall the old version completely.

Changes so far:

zlib memory deflate & inflate functions now part of the API.
ByteCube, BitPack* added.

Image normalize added.

Image normalize added.

Refactored to use CLI functions in libmtKit like mtPixyCLI.

Now contains mtRDC & mtNetLog (those modules removed).
fuzzmap added.

Auto-correct the file extension when using "Save As".

1975 & 2016 referendum results added.
Auto-correct the file extension when using "Save As".
SVG parser now has better error reporting and handles optimized Inkscape paths.
SVG map files now have a new schematic design.
2017 election results added.
Module removed.
After I added the results of the 2017 election I realised the work is becoming too large for its host, and is not really required for testing the core mtCellEdit libraries (its original purpose).
Also, due to the size of the data-sets, it would be better to manage things in the context of an SQL database with properly defined relationships, methods of ensuring data integrity, and ways to easily extend features and functionality through data analysis.
I shall carry on the project in private for now, restructure things, and then decide later if I want to publish it as an independent project in its new form.

Auto-correct the file extension when using "Save As".
File->Export Colourmap menu option added.
Effects->Normalize menu option added.
Palette->New menu option added.
Palette menu now offers store/restore facility.
A palette can now be loaded from any image file.
Right mouse click or release in paint mode swaps colour A & B.
Mouse cursor changes when using each tool.

delta, pica, riba, rida, risa, twit, utils added.

Copying to clipboard now copies numbers without commas.
Cleaned up.

New module created for general command line programs only dependent on mtKit.
mtdsize added.

Modules adjusted to work with GCC 6 on Debian 9 and other modern distros; and GCC 7.
Debian 7, C++11, Qt4, is now the baseline test system.  Debian 9, C++14, Qt5, is now the modern test system.
cppcheck warnings cleaned up.
C code now moved back to .c files for the sake of clarity.  A heterogeneous C/C++ lib/app setup is my preference.
/pkg/ Build system source code abstracted away from package specific details; Suse distro added.
/test/ R&D: pthreads for libmtcelledit; Scripts improved.

The following list is the roadmap for major project changes over the coming versions. I don't know the exact timing of final releases as they always happen when the code is stable and complete. The purpose of sharing this information is to help people understand the direction of the project as a whole, and how its constituent parts will change over the next year or two.

Version 3.x
To be decided.

As well as these major changes, I also hope to do the more mundane things like bugfixing, refinements, and other kinds of housekeeping to keep the project as polished as possible.

If you find bugs or have suggestions for improvements please contact me.