Our Pastors

        Reverend James S Jones - Senior Pastor
    The Reverend James Sylvester Jones was born in Montgomery County. He was the first born of six children of the late Rev. Robert Samuel Jones Sr. James was educated in the Montgomery County Public School System. He later joined the United States Army and served for two years. He received an honorable discharge.

    He returned to the streets where he believed that he could make it on his own, but he learned differently. It was good for him that his parents and others prayed for him. James was able to come out of darkness and into the marvelous light. James joined Brown's Chapel United Methodist Church in 1986 largely because of his brother John. He worked in the church in different capacities such as ushering. God called him, but he did not accept the call. He did everything but preach. God fixed things.

    Later James became a candidate for ordination as a minister. He also worked in the church as a worship leader, Chair of the Trustee Board, Chair of Finance, member of the SPRC Committee, and Head of Grass Cutting and Snow Removal. He became discouraged with his ministry, so he stopped everything and looked toward the hills from which cometh his help. His help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. James began to pray to God about his ministry, and what God had called him to do. You know and I know that God answers prayer. He may not come when you want him to come, but he is always on time.

    One night when he was sleeping, a white cloud came over him and out of the cloud came a voice that said, "If you want to prosper in your ministry, you have to move." He asked, "Where Lord?", but he woke up. Now Reverend Jones is the Sr. Pastor of Mount Calvary AUMP Church, where he was ordained in May of 2008.

Our Pastor's Mantra- I don't ask you to join our church... I ask you to join up with Christ. Jesus will see fit to send you where he needs 

R- Reverence God not the man

E- Examine yourself

V-Value a healthy Relationship with God

E-Exalt God for He is Good all the time

R-Reveal yourself to God and let him use you

E- Express your love for God through Praise, Prayer, Worship and Sacrifice

N- Never doubt God

D- Devote yourself to the work and will of God

The Most Reverend Dr. Delbert L Jackson - Presiding Prelate

Coming unto the Most High God, Our Heavenly Father in whom we are ever grateful for His Holy Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit will we honor , praise, worship, and glorify Him always. Let the abundant grace and mercy from Almighty God abide with you now and forever for He has done great and extraordinary things during this past glorious and triumphant 2005 - 2006 Year and the 21st Century. Truly, the Lord has been again, most favorable unto the African Union Methodist Protestant Church and Connection. Throughout this past wonderful year, mercy and truth have met together while righteousness and peace have joined each other as His truth is still marching onward in the 21st century - - - - -

The New Millennium.

Rejoicing in the Holy Spiritualism, I, graciously greet and cordially welcome all Honorable Bishops, Conference Elders, Presiding Elders, Council of Elders, First Lady Emeritus, Ministers, General Church Officers, Church Delegates, General Church Members and Friends to the 192nd Annual Session of the national historic African Union First Colored Methodist Protestant Church and Connection of the United States of America and elsewhere. Enter joyfully now to magnify Almighty God and His angels, for purposely sustaining His Church upon the Solid Rock. Great is the ministry which the Lord accomplishes through His Holy Church. Even from the genesis, God has wrought through His people to bring blessings and hope to the world. This inception had its beginnings also in the original "Union Church of Africans" in September 1813, in Wilmington, Delaware. The Founding Father of this religious mission for African Americans and all God's children, in the midst of the peculiar institution "of slavery", was The Right Reverend Peter Spencer. Grateful always should be our thanks for our long established tradition of reflection, rejuvenation of wisdom and knowledge, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption, should yield us glorification and peace through The Holy Spirit. Moreover, this moves far beyond the yearly stewardship of reporting. Trust in God always to allow our fellowship and Christian associates during this Annual Conference to move us spiritually forward in faith while "striving for excellence in righteousness through Jesus Christ". Through, heretofore, churches universal, as well as The African Union Methodist Protestant Church and Connection, have been marked throughout the past century with diversity through the assignment of Satan's demons, we prayerfully with authority desire the steadfast presence, the leadership and guidance of The Holy Spirit to unify all feelings, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, deeds and actions through Jesus Christ. This holy unification is the single most ultimate and everlasting goal of the Church of God for kingdom building, through the Chief Bishop of our souls - - - Jesus, the Christ. Finally, beloved brethren, we must adhere to the supreme will, authority, and power of the Holy Spirit, flowing forth abundant love and compassion through grace, mercy, and peace, despairing of nothing while hoping always for everything in prayer. Be of exceeding gladness and abundant happiness as we press toward the mark of the high prize of God through Jesus Christ while moving through this 190th Annual Conference Conference and the 21st Century. Rejoicing in Christ Always,

Jesus our Christ - Lord and Savior!
Jesus the only begotten son of God, born of a virgin, who came into His life on earth sinless to save us from our own sins. Jesus Christ lived as a man by example leading and teaching us to pray, praise, worship, sacrifice, have faith and most of all live Holy as God is Holy. Jesus performed many miracles and has been tested by both man and Satan to be found faultless and he offered Himself as ransom for man so that we may be saved from eternal disconnect from God our creator! Jesus Christ the head of this house of Zion now sits on the right hand of the Father interceding for man until His glorious return through the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus!

* the image of Jesus is not who and what we worship. Any image of Jesus is merely a graphical representation of what Jesus may have looked like through the eyes of man. We do not place our faith in images or sculpture or other artistic forms of representation of Jesus.