Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry consist of a dynamic church school program all based on in depth study of scripture and how to implement christian principles into our daily lives. 

Music/Choir Ministry

Using the power of song we will enhance the praise and worship experience to further spread the word of God. The music ministry consist of musicians, vocalist and all
individuals that want to minister through music. We explore various music styles from traditional hymns, contemporary gospel, jazz, blues and R&B to promote the word of the living and all powerful God.

Missionary Ministry

Details coming soon

Children/Youth Ministry

Details coming soon

Community Service and Outreach

Through direct involvement in the community we will serve the people through Food drives and distribution, Through Benevolence Offerings supplying for the needs of the people. Education Programs for youth and young adults.

Transportation Ministry

Details coming soon

Praise Team and Worship Leader Ministry

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Trustee Board

The trustee board is elected to provide for the needs of the parish community through managing the finances to making repairs to managing and supporting the grounds of the church. The trustee board stands as an official governing body of the local parish church and its assets. The trustee board stands as liaison to the A.U.F.C.M.P.C. conference.

Laity Team

Consist of licensed and/or ordained ministerial representatives of A.U.F.C.M.P.C to lead the church spiritually. The laity team implements the standards of the church based on the tenets elected by the church and the book of discipline and ultimately the sovereign Word of God.

** Laity Team members may be appointed by resident pastor or bishop to perform certain duties and maybe restricted from certain duties based on their standing with the conference. I.e. local preacher not yet ordained by A.U.F.C.M.P.C but may have been licensed or calling recognized by another Christian community.

Church Administration

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The Tech and Communications Ministry

The tech and communications ministry provides for the management of online assets of the Church. i.e., and and the Mount Calvary AUMP church Facebook fan and group sites. The ministry also provides for audio and video recording and distribution of services on media including online. The tech team also supports the church community with technical installation, upgrade and management of various digital and analog systems within the house.

The Communications Ministry provides programs and bulletins for services, and the distribution of published works to the parish community. The communication team is also responsible for positive public relations.