1. Outline

We are very excited to begin the Ministry Training Academy (MTA) in East Africa! This program will run simultaneous to Bible academies within our churches around the world.  The Teachers Service Team of the International Churches of Christ has set forth a consistent curriculum so that our ministers are being educated with common material. 


At this point, we are proposing two classes a year in Nairobi, Kenya.  One would take place around January and the other in July.  Each class will require reading before class begins with a couple reflection papers from the reading material, sixteen hours of class time, an assignment paper and exam. 


Full participation will be compulsory.  There has been great excitement in East Africa about the inception of this academy and a high demand for spots in the classroom.  As these classes will be interactive, class participation will be mandatory.  For those that are interested in learning but are unable to attend the class in person, materials may be made available, but these people will not be considered students and will not have access to the teachers or grading. 


Costs for each class will vary depending on teacher availability.  Students will be responsible for obtaining their own textbooks.  Books will be chosen that are widely available in hard copy and electronic format.  Additional readings may be assigned by the instructor via PDF postings on the MTA website.  Costs will cover teaching materials, meals and snacks during class time, and other related expenses to run the academy.  We will begin with a basic KES4000 registration fee for each class. The cost will increase, as we need to bring in teachers from different locations worldwide. 


We certainly intend on having a certification of completion at the end of this program.  At this point, we are unsure of how long the program will run.  We do intend for classes to eventually be repeated so that students that join the program after its inception will be able to complete the academy as well. 


We believe this will be a monumental time in the East African churches to dig into God’s word together.