A special purpose badge commemorating the

2013 Inauguration of the President of the United

States has been approved for restricted purchase to

sworn and retired members of the Maryland

State Police. The badge is die struck in .102”

solid 85/15 brass and finished with multiple colors and

pure gold plate.  Each badge will be uniquely numbered

in production sequence and badges will be curved with

heavy duty safety pin and catch attachment on back. 

Badges are $65.00 and limited to one (1) per member. 

All orders are screened by MTA Lodge 96 personnel

prior to production as this is exclusive to active and

retired MSP members in good standing only.  Approved

orders will be shipped direct to the address you

complete ont he order. There is no charge for


Place your orders today at :  Or manually enter the

below link in your browser  



Help Support MTA Lodge 96 by Purchase of the 2013 Inaugural Badge