I wanted to personally thank all of you that reached out to the Zeller family in this time of sorrow. It was so incredibly difficult to lose an individual that was able to find that perfect balance of love for his family and for his second family (the Maryland State Police).  Without question, I always felt part of this family (like my husband), however, during this trying experience I truly understood where his passion and love for you (the Maryland State Police) originated.  All of you were beside Doug, myself and Brian, and the rest of our family, during this tremendous time of grief.  The Zeller family wants to express our appreciation for your assistance, and for sincerely sharing in our sorrow during this trying period in our lives.  This demonstration of love by you has truly reduced our anxiety and grief.  Your efforts and contributions have also strengthened our pride for Lieutenant Douglas Zeller's stellar service and legacy in the finest police agency in the country.   Thanks again for including my family in your family and for being there for us during this most difficult time in our lives.      

Kind Regards, 
Janet Zeller                                                                                                      
Maryland's Finest