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Our membership is comprised of retired and current Maryland State Troopers
The Maryland State Police was formed on Janurary 10, 1921 and soon after the first Bel Air Barrack was officially established in an office at the Maryland National Guard Armory located on Main Street, Bel Air, Maryland. The first outpost is now the building which houses the Historical Society of Harford County and the past home of the Bel Air post office. In 1923 troopers were relocated to a small outpost on Business Route 1, just south of the Route 147, Harford Road intersection.  This small building is nearly directly across from the Linclon/Mercury dealership and incredibly it still exists to this day. The photo above was taken beside that building in 1923. 
In January 1939 the past Bel Air Barrack that many county citizens were familiar with was constructed at the corner of Bel Air Road and Harford Road.  The definition of "barrack" is a building used to quarter military troops, and this was exactly the purpose of that structure. In those days troopers ate, slept, and lived at barracks for many years.  The solid and handsome brick structure remained an enduring symbol of dedication and loyalty to the citizens of Harford County for the next seventy years until its' demolition in 1995.  The current brick structure was built in 1996-1997 at the same site with the same philosophy of balancing an inviting image with a gentle but strong reminder that justice is never far away.   
The personnel assigned to the Bel Air Barrack (past and present) have endured countless triumphs and tragedies during their passionate service to the citizens of the State of Maryland and Harford County. Troopers are proud of their heritage and reputation for reliability and discipline which frequently involves their mobilization, with minutes notice, to troubled areas within Harford County and many other areas within the State. 
The membership of Lodge 96 is committed to the same tireless approach to supporting the values and needs of both the citizens of Harford County and the troopers that are affiliated with Harford County, Maryland.   
The primary purpose of this website is to provide a more efficient communication tool for the community and our membership, past and present.  More efficient and timely communication results in bigger and better things being accomplished for the communities that we have taken an oath to protect and serve and for our membership who provides these essential services.  
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