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Located near I-40 off of Eastowne Drive.
From I-40, head south towards Chapel Hill, and make the first right onto Eastowne Drive.  Make first right onto Providence Road.  Pass 4 or 5 buildings until you come to The Atrium at 141 Providence, turn right into parking lot.  Office is located on the first floor, #160.

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Gastrointestinal Health

Gastrointestinal (Stomach/Intestinal/Digestive Health)

Irritable bowel, acid reflux, high liver enzymes, fatty liver, pancreatitis, stomach hyper- or hypo-acidity, auto-immune disorders of bowel and digestive organs.  
Digestive issues usually require a combined approach of acupuncture, herbals to balance enzymes and promote better absorption, and some suggestions for dietary and nutritional changes to ease symptoms and heal the alimentary tract.


What conditions are treated?

    It is true that many conditions can be treated successfully with Asian medicine, as evidenced by the successful resolution of respiratory, dermatological, gastro-intestinal health issues, as well as infectious disease, viral or bacterial.  

 What services are offered?
    Acupuncture, Massage and Herbal consultations.  Choose a service using the "Book Now" button.  Note that treatments for pain conditions usually involve a combination of acupuncture and massage.  You may include a note when booking about what you wish to be treated  for.  Recommendations will be provided in terms of number of treatments, style of treatment (massage, acupuncture, or a combination) after arrival.   Herbal and nutritional therapies can also be discussed.  Some patients alternate between massage and acupuncture treatment, and find this works quite well.  

What happens during a treatment, and what should I expect?

   After an interview to go over your health history, and reason for seeking treatment, you will be asked to stick out your tongue and allow pulse taking.  Pulse and tongue diagnosis help identify internal health and areas that need addressing.  Other diagnostic tools such as palpation of tissues and muscles, taking blood pressure and simple orthopedic tests are taken if needed to help identify areas of dysfunction.

    Treatment takes place in an ambient room, on a warmed table.  Draping is professional to ensure patient comfort and safety.  Acupuncture needles are inserted with speed and agility and removed after 20-40 minutes.  Your acupuncturist will monitor the entire treatment, and make sure there is no discomfort.  If massage is a part of your treatment, this is performed after needles are removed and is applied to local areas of stiffness or immobility.

    Massage treatments are generally acupressure with some effleurage (Swedish style) and deep tissue (reaches muscle and fascia levels to release constrictions).   Full body massage is usually performed with patient taking off clothes, and there are some instances where only partial undress is required, as in local area or focused massage.

A Little Background

    Michelle Thelen, L.Ac. has over 20 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine.  Having attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a comprehensive Oriental Medicine program, she has worked alongside top practitioners to hone her skills in treating a variety of ailments.   Michelle offers acupuncture, herbal formulas to treat everything from migraines to infertility, skin conditions to chronic pain and for more serious conditions such as cancer pain and complications of surgery, medications and immune system dysfunction.  

    Treatment with an alternative model for healing such as Asian medicine is a superior method for healing.  It can treat the individual patient versus a one-size-fits- all type of treatment using drugs or therapy.  Massage and cupping are often used to boost the overall effects towards gaining better functioning, and massage can be used alone as well if indicated.  Integrative medicine is a good model for all of us as patients; we live in the modern world in which technology and the use of drugs as therapy is firmly established.  In many cases, drugs and surgical interventions are less toxic and more beneficial when acupuncture, herbs and massage are utilized as conjunctive treatment.

    Successful outcomes can be expected with a compassionate, committed practitioner on your side.  Detailed descriptions of the types of conditions treated, actual clinical examples, and outcomes can be found by reading the descriptions below (click on pics) and by visiting the Blog.  

Click on pictures below for more information on areas of special focus:

Facial Rejuvenation - Cosmetic Acupuncture

MEI ZEN ACUPUNCTURE SYSTEM rejuvenates the skin and is an anti-aging method of inserting small dermal needles into small muscular regions and acupuncture points on the face, scalp and neck.  This method promotes collagen formation, reduces fine lines, lifts sagging areas on the jaw and neck.  A series of treatments yields results that are long lasting, and a superb alternative to toxic injections, surgical lifts that alter basic structure of face and other very expensive cosmetic procedures. This system is reasonably priced, and has many other benefits.  


Dermatological diseases

Dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, and Rashes

Healing strategies for dermatitis, eczema, acne,     rosacea, hives, itching and immune-related
skin problems (Sjogren's, Lupus, side effects
of medication.



Pain Relief
Neuropathic, Myofascial, Joint and Regional pain:

Acupuncture modulates pain response, and can help lessen the intensity and shorten duration or pain.  This does require a series of treatments to have lasting results, and is worthwhile given the compromised quality of life that pain syndromes cause the sufferer. Recommendations are also provided for natural pain relief from herbs, and sometimes, topical patches and balms.

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