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Round 8 Results

posted Apr 8, 2009, 6:28 PM by sara hunterxjumper   [ updated Apr 8, 2009, 7:18 PM ]

Here are the results for round 8!

Most recognizable wall: Wall #1 and Wall #7

Least recognizable wall: Wall #14 and Wall #17 (for both of these other then the artist only one other person guessed it correctly!)

Wall 1 was by MyrrhLynn

Wall 2 was by MyrrhLynn

Wall 3 was by e21krei

Wall 4 was by gaara-no-shukaku

Wall 5 was by piccolobear

Wall 6 was by gaara-no-shukaku

Wall 7 was by e21krei

Wall 8 was by MyrrhLynn

Wall 9 was by Maplerose

Wall 10 was by MyrrhLynn

Wall 11 was by gaara-no-shukaku

Wall 12 was by e21krei

Wall 13 was by Margalet

Wall 14 was by Maplerose

Wall 15 was by e21krei

Wall 16 was by MyrrhLynn

Wall 17 was by Piccolobear

Wall 18 was by gaara-no-shukaku

Which series the walls are from guessers:
e21krei - 1st place with 12 correct
Maplerose and Margalet tied for second place


The winner of this round was gaara-no-shukaku with a  89% success rate followed very closely by Maplerose with 83% rate! Congratulations! 

Other guessers who participated:
  • Margalet
  • GeneD
  • piccolobear
  • Sinever
  • e21krei
  • flyindreams
Yay, we had more people this time!  Thanks everyone for participating!  :D