Misc. Information from the March 27, 2017 TA Meeting

posted Mar 27, 2017, 7:59 PM by MICHELLE YORK   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 8:01 PM ]
Here are some of the highlights from our TA meeting today.
  • Network Logins A-D-
    • If your network/Google username begins with A-D, your network account was accidentally reset over break.  René and I spent time today trying to make sure that you were able to get logged back in after the reset.  If your username has a number at the end, I've put in a track-it to have the accounts checked and remapped to make sure that they're tied to your specific account and not another staff member in the district.  I'll let you know as soon as I hear that they've fixed any issues.
  • Copy Machines
    • Our copy machines will be replaced sometime by the end of April.  That's the only time-line that I'm aware of.  AFTER this happens, you will need to do the following
      1. First, uninstall the current printers by going to the start menu>Devices & Printers, right-clicking on the printers and choosing "remove device"
      2. Then reinstall the new printers from the map. (Directions for installing printers and adding user codes can be found here.
      3. Make sure that you remove the old printer first.  It will not allow you to have an old and new printer with the same name.
  • K-2-iPads--An update to the iOS was just released today.  You will likely see a pop-up at some point to update.  This will require it to download and then reboot the iPads.  I'm not sure how large the download is or how long it will take, so you may want to run them all at once after school unless you want to walk your kids through it all at once.  If you don't see the prompt, you can go into Settings>General>Software Update and run it from there.  It should be 10.3.
  • PowerTeacher Pro
    • The district will be upgrading to PowerTeacher Pro before next school year.  They will turn it ON for an entire school at a time.  Once it's turned on, it will migrate all of your classes to the PTP (PowerTeacher Pro).  If classes aren't migrated before next year, you will not be able to copy assignments from the previous version of gradebook.
    • They've said that teachers should enjoy this new version of gradebook since it will no longer rely on Java!  Yay!  We will no longer have to worry about updating Java just to run the gradebook.  My understanding is that it will be entirely web-based (instead of "installing" and launching it as a separate app), which means that you'll be able to access everything from other devices and iPads.
    • René and I figure that we'll ask Karen Cline to come and do a 20-30 minutes "training" on the new version sometime in the beginning of May.  That will let everyone finish state assessments before we make any changes.  As that time gets closer, we'll check with Kelley and set up a time.
    • I believe that Karen will be doing a training session on April 28th (for 3rd-5th grade teachers who have the opportunity for a "choice" session).  She will also likely have a training session during summer PD.
  • PowerSchool side note.  If you would like to have your PowerSchool login (username) changed to match your network username (the old system cut it off part way through the name), please let me know and we will ask Karen to make that change.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the above information.