End of Year Notes (from May's TA Meeting)

posted May 16, 2017, 2:14 PM by Michelle York   [ updated May 17, 2017, 12:27 PM ]
  • IT is working on an End-of-Year Technology checkout form for each staff member to fill out.  As soon as we get the updated version, I will send you a copy.  There will be some items that specify that things be done "according to building procedures".  I'll let you know about any specific building procedures after I see the updated form.  
  • I will NOT have teachers fill out the normal end-of-year inventory with barcodes this year.  Jan has inventoried some of the equipment and we have had a lot of the student technology rotating in and out--especially as I've been working on getting old monitors and towers moved out.  I will likely do a new/updated inventory next year.
  • Please label all technology with painters tape and include your last name & room number.  I have painter's tape if you need to borrow some.  Painter's tape removes more easily than masking tape.  
  • Remember that almost all technology will remain in the current classroom even if the teacher moves rooms.  About the only exception to this is the teacher's desktop computer and their checked out laptop/iPad.  Please ask me if you feel there is another exception.
  • If you are leaving the district and need to save your Google files, please follow the directions at the following link: Removing Google files--Tip sheets on how to take out Google data information associated with your account.
  • Elementary student gmail--There are discussions happening about whether elementary students should have access to Gmail.  Travis can turn this off for students having trouble with cyber bullying or other issues involving Gmail.
  • All students AND staff should change their password before summer so that your current password does not expire over before you return in the fall.  I've already sent an email about student passwords, as well as a card to write information for next year's teacher.
  • Wireless issues on Chromebooks- Have students close their Chromebooks as they travel through the building.  They can even turn off the device and then restart when they arrive at their new location.  This may help their device pick up the new WiFi access point more successfully.
  • All Chromebooks should be restarted at least once a week.  Not just closed and put to sleep or logged out--a full restart.
  • Wipe users from Chromebook at end-of-year
    • Step-Sheet -- Remove the account of the student on the last day of using the chomebooks.--shut down for summer
    • Video
  • Summer PD Schedule--I'm not sure if this is on My Learning Plan yet, but hopefully it will be soon.  
    • 2 half-day sessions each day--Not as much training as originally planned--no training in July.
      • June 5-8 -- iPad Bootcamp (I believe that you'll sign up for all 4 AM sessions or all 4 PM sessions) (1 hour college credit)
      • June 12-14 & 16--Chromebook Bootcamp (again, probably the same as above--attend all AM sessions or all PM sessions) (1 hour college credit)
      • June 19th & 22--PearDeck (4 half-day sessions--it's the same thing each time, so you would sign up for 1 of the 1/2 day sessions only.
  • iPad & Chromebook storage for the summer
    • All iPad carts should be stored in the Media Center over the summer (do not need to be plugged in).  Make sure that all iPads are locked in the cart.  Even though the cart won't be plugged in, I would plug in each iPad into it's charger so that it's ready for the cart to be plugged in next year.
    • All Chromebooks should be locked in the carts.  Chromebook carts should be brought to the media center also (carts do not need to be plugged in)
  • Remove batteries from all technology equipment (remotes, Promethean voters, etc.