End-of-Tear Technology Checklist

posted May 22, 2017, 3:24 PM by Michelle York   [ updated May 24, 2017, 8:34 AM ]
Here is a link to the district's newly edited End-of-Year Technology Checklist.  

When you get to the link, it's set to "view only".  You can either print it out directly and hand write on it or you can type on it and then print it.  If you want to type on it first, you'll need to do one of two things.  You can go to File>Make a Copy or go to File>Add to My Drive.  Both will do essentially the same thing and add a blank version of the document to your Google Drive for you to type on.

Once the two-page form is filled out, you may bring the form to me to check and I can then sign the appropriate spot on your building end-of-year checklist.
  • The first page was created so that you could list barcodes of all of your room technology as well as make note of any equipment with which you know there are technology issues.  This would be the type of thing for which you normally fill out my electronic form.  I then usually put a track-it into the district if it's something that I can't fix.  Feel free to use my electronic form (instead of page 1) if you'd like.  This would be for things like 
    • computers that won't boot up, 
    • projectors that have a "clean filter" warning showing.  There is one type of filter warning that can be ignored and turned off.  See the following document on how to check and disable the Activinspire filter warning.
    • iPads with problems (headphone jacks broken off inside, broken cables on charging carts, etc.)
    • Laptops with problems.
  • The top half of page 2 has information about the classroom closeout.  Several of the items say to store "according to building procedure".  I will detail those below.
    • Securely store Promethean pens & projector remote according to building procedure.  
      • These should be stored in the clear box (with green handles) that should be in each room.  Also in here can be the iPad dongles that allow you to plug the iPad in to project on the screen. Please remove batteries from remotes.  The box looks like the one pictured below.  Please store this box in your locked closet/cabinet.
    • Securely store all hubs & chargers/power supply with the device according to building procedure. (Mark chargers/power supply with sharpie or paint pen (could also use masking/paint tape) so we can identify what device it goes to.
      • The hub that goes with voters/activslates are generally left in the USB port on the left side of the top of the Promethean board.  If you don't have activoters or an activslate, you may not have a hub.
    • Remove all batteries from all devices (remotes, clickers)
      • Remotes and batteries are stored in green-handled container as seen above.  ActiVoters/Clickers may already have the batteries removed from last year unless you've used them this year.  These are generally stored in the locked closet/cabinet.
    • Securely store document cameras, cords & other peripherals according to building procudures.
      • Document cameras and their power cord should be stored in your locked closet/cabinet.
  • Bottom half of page 2
    • If you're taking laptops/iPads home with you for the summer, please remember to fill out the District Property Checkout Form as stated in this section.  I sent an email last week if you did not have this form on file with the district.
    • If you are NOT taking devices (laptop/iPad) home for the summer, please turn them into Jan for storage over the summer.  Please make sure that you leave the charging plugs/cables with the device so they're stored together over the summer.  I may ask about this when you turn in your form.
    • If you are transferring to another 501 building, you may take the laptop with you.  You MAY NOT take the iPad as those were purchased with building funds and will be used for a new HPC teacher text year.  
  • Other miscellaneous technology close-out
    • If you log into Chrome and save bookmarks, you also have the option to have it save usernames/passwords for the websites that you visit.
    • If you cover your projector with a plastic trashbag, it will keep dust, dirt and cleaning material particles off of the lens and filter over the summer.
    • VGA Splitters-These can be left connected to computer tower equipment on your desk or stored in the closet with the document cameras.  A VGA splitter looks like the photo below
      • To make it easier to hook up equipment next year, I always suggest that you label each cord and plug with a number/letter/sticker so that next year you (or a new teacher) just have to match the labels. I would do this on the back of the computer, plugs on the document camera and plugs on the splitters.  Below is an example of one component and it's labels.