2018 End-of-Year Technology Checklist and Other Important Information

posted May 16, 2018, 5:12 PM by Michelle York   [ updated May 18, 2018, 12:29 PM ]

The following are items that Tech Assistants and Innovation Academy members were given to relay to all staff.  You may see some items repeated in the SWAAG or from Jan Stover. All items with blue underlined text are links to other forms or documents.  Please ask if you have questions about any of these items.

  1. End-of-Year Checkout Form and Checklist

    1. Each staff member will need to fill out the this End-of-Year Checklist form.  You will need to add all relevant information (barcodes, etc.).  

      1. The form will tell you whether you need to include the barcode from the equipment.  For iPad/Chromebook carts, I believe that you give the CART barcode. Jan has a list of the individual device barcodes. Just make sure that ALL devices are in the cart and there are none missing.

      2. Please add notes about any item(s) that needs repaired.

      3. Print the form out when finished and give to Michelle York or Rene Appelhans.  There are also some links on the form with information on how to "take out" your Google files (if leaving the district), back up your internet favorites and back up your local computer files, etc.

    2. If you are planning to take your laptop and/or iPad home for the summer, please make sure that you've filled out the district property checkout form.  I'll send a copy of the the current list so that you can see if you've filled the form out this year.  If you have NOT filled it out, please complete the form linked above (in 1b) before you take items for the summer.  Look on this sheet to see if you've completed the form for each tech device you have (iPad, laptop, etc.)

    3. District and building checked out laptops and iPads

      1. Returning to HPC in the fall??-You may either take the devices home for the summer (if you've filled out the proper checkout form) or check them into the library for safekeeping over the summer.

      2. Transferring to another 501 school??--

        1. You may take your laptop with you to your new school

        2. Building issued iPads MUST be turned into the library to be distributed to new teachers in the fall.  ONLY Arts Infusion iPads may be taken from building to building.

      3. Leaving the district??---All district devices (laptop, iPad, Chromebook, etc.) MUST be checked back in to Jan Stover.

  2. Other technology that MUST be stored in the library--All classroom technology will be stored in the media centers this summer--

    1. All laptop, chromebook and iPad carts will be moved to the Media Centers -All iPads should be plugged into the lightning cables of the carts. Carts themselves do not have to be plugged in.

    2. All remotes, Promethean pens, slates, and document cameras will also need to be stored in the library since it's air conditioned. All equipment should be marked with the teacher name and/or room number.

    3. Teacher and student desktop computers such as towers and all-in-ones DO NOT need to be stored in the library.

    4. I would suggest that you keep your remote, pens and iPad adapters in the clear box with green handles.  Turn the entire box in with the room number labeled on the tape. You can then get the entire container back in the fall.

    5. Jan will have a ziplock bag for you to store all cords and charging cables. This will ensure that all cords stay with their respective devices and don't go missing in action.  This would include the following cables/cords:

      1. iPad charging cord

      2. Laptop charging cord

      3. ActivSlate charging cord

      4. Document Camera power cord

  3. Google Takeout and Backing Up Files (please ask Michelle or Rene if you need help with this)

    1. If you are leaving the district, you will lose access to all Google Apps (gmail, drive, etc.) at the end of the day on May 25th.  Please make sure you've saved any needed files.  

      1. Google Takeout is the method teachers who are leaving the district (or retiring) should use to save their Google Drive contents. Teacher accounts (of staff leaving) will be suspended after the last day of school. Students (such as seniors) can also use Takeout to save their files.  There is a link with instructions on your End of Year Checkout/Checklist

    2. Backup local files to Google Drive--Backup files to Google Drive
      All files on your laptop/desktop should be backed up to your Google Drive so you don’t use your work. IT plans to reclone as many computers as they can get to.

  4. Changing Student passwords: Student passwords will need to be changed at the very end of the year so that we can document them for next year's teachers.  If we don't change then now, they will expire over the summer and be inaccessible in the fall. This would then require a manual reset by a TA.  

    1. To change student passwords, log them in on a REGULAR COMPUTER (not Chromebook).  Then press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and then choose "change password". It will ask for the old password and the new password.  

    2. Please document all new passwords on this database.  We've tried using cards in the past, but they get lost and misplaced over the summer.  This will allow all teachers to access the information next year. This is the same document that I shared with teachers at the beginning of this year. Please make sure to enter their login username if you did not do that at the beginning of the year.  Add or delete students to make sure your list is up-to-date.

    3. We usually suggest that passwords are changed to "firstname###" with the numbers being the last 3 digits of their username.  For example, "gflores041" would have a password "giselle041". I've also done my kindergarten students as "giselle000". Whatever you choose to do, PLEASE enter the information on the linked spreadsheet. Each teacher has a tab.

  5. Cloning Computers--We recently cloned all computers so that they could be upgraded to the new Zenworks and launcher screen.  This summer, they will begin transitioning to Windows 10 which will require another clone.
    1. IT may be in the buildings to reclone laptops and/or desktops this summer. Please move all files from your C:// drives and desktops to your Google Drive for safe keeping and remove all pen/flash drives so they don’t get destroyed. Follow these directions to back up files to Google Drive. If you're taking your laptop home over the summer, it will need cloned when you return in the fall.

  6. Student iPad Updates
    1. Logging into Chrome--All iPads can log into Chrome now. This will help with logging into Pear Deck. Teachers of kindergartners should sign in their students at the beginning of the year and they will remain logged in. This will be a big help with the new ReadyGen program.

    2. Summer Updates--All iPads will be completely wiped this summer and all student work, pictures, and videos will be removed. This will also remove all apps from the iPad and update iOS to the newest version. Teachers will need to load apps from Self-Service again in August. New next year - teachers will be able to delete apps from the iPads. Teachers should be sure to have teacher iPads at school each day.  Any teacher moving to a different school can NOT take their iPad with them. Any Art Infusion iPads stay with the teachers.

    3. iPad carts to media center--iPads should be stored in the air conditioned media center during the summer. Jess and Robin will be out to each school to wipe and restore each iPad.

    4. iPads - placed in carts and plugged into lightning cables.

  7. End-of-Year Closeout Tips and Suggestions

    1. Unplug projector and put cap on lens. To keep it EXTRA clean, you can wrap a small trash bag around it to keep dust out.

    2. Any equipment not moved to library for summer (student all-in-one computers, etc.) label all equipment with painters tape--write room number. This will ensure that items moved for cleaning are returned to their proper location.

    3. Teacher computer (plugged into document camera, promethean board and projector)--Label connections--it's a good idea to label the cables of all devices so that you know EXACTLY what cord plugs in where.  Some people put tape on both the end of the cables and the place where it connects and then number them--some use matching sets of stickers.  Next year, you just have to match up cable plug #1 with equipment connection #1, etc.  Equipment does get disconnected during moving and cleaning (and document cameras (“Elmos”) get stored in closets) and this will save you a ton of time next year.    To be more specific, it will save ME a ton of time next year--I generally spend several days running around helping teachers reconnect equipment and get nothing of my own done.  This is especially helpful if someone else is in your room next year.

    4. Password suggestions--Please make sure that you keep track of usernames/passwords for any programs/sites needed (PowerSchool, Data Insights, etc.)  Google Chrome can save most usernames/passwords for sites that you use, but don't forget the login information for things like your Apple ID (iPad account), etc.  This will save you from having to reset them next year if you forget them over the summer.

    5. Optional Suggestion--Cover your Promethean board with a fitted sheet (full/double) to keep it clean over the summer.

  8. Summer Training - All sessions are ½ day.  There is still a lot of space available in the classes (especially PM sessions). This is a great way to earn college credit for license renewal.

    1. Google Bootcamp - June 4 - 7 (AM&PM / CC available)

    2. Coding - June 11 & 12 (AM Only)

    3. Digital Citizenship - June 11 & 12 (PM Only)

    4. EdCampKS-Topeka - June 14th (All day / Jardine Elem. Register here)
      We have 147 registered attendees as of today. You can also get MLP points for attending. Betty will be there with sign-in sheets. You can’t get college credit and points at the same time.

    5. iPad Bootcamp - June 18 - 21 (AM & PM / CC available)

    6. Promethean - June 25 - 28 (AM only /  CC available)