Full name:  Kimi Matias Räikkönen 

Nicknames:  Iceman, Kimppa, Rakka, his mechanics call him Kimster 

Hair:  Blond (But he highlights it!) (And remember that purple hair?)

Eyes:  Blue 


    Formul Renault: Chigwell, England; Lived in manager's house.
    F1 (Sauber): Hinwill and Wollerau, Switzerland
    F1 ( Mclaren) : Zurich, Switzerland
* No residence kept in Finland anymore due to high taxes.


People in Kimi's Life

 Dad: Matti, 49, road builder 

Mom: Paula, government office clerk 

Brother: Rami; Older by 1 year 10 months; Rally driver in Finland 

Fiancee: Jenni Maria Dahlmann; Miss Finland 2000, Miss Scandinavia 2000; Born Oct. 27, 1981. 1.78m tall 

Boss: Ron Dennis 

Teammate: Juan Pablo Montoya 

Manager: Steve Robertson 

Physio/Trainer: Mark Arnall 

Race Engineer: Mark Slade 

Helmet Designer: Uffe Tagstrom 

Personal Press Assistant: Kikka Kuosmanen 

Mentor: " I haven't got anybody like that. I motivate myself alone" 

Close Friend: Mika Hakkinen (When together, they don't talk about F1!)


Qualification: Regular Finnish school system 

Favorite Subject: Sports (especially ice hockey during winter)

Conscription: 12 months compulsary service in Finnish Army 

Languages Spoken: Finnish and English


Hobbies: snowboarding, jogging, going to the gym, MotoX, ice-hockey , skidoos, jet-ski, golf (learned in England) 

Motorsports: Watches almost all motorsports on TV 

Favorite Rally Driver: Tommi Makkinen and Markus Gronholm 

Favorite Ice Hockey Team: Espoo, Finland and NHL teams 

Favorite Football Team: Finnish National Soccer Team 

Best F1 Overtaking Maneuver: Mika Häkkinen overtaking M Schumacher in Spa 2000


First Road Car: Lada 

First Time in an F1 Car: Sauber Test, Mugello "FANTASTIC!!"

Company Cars: Mercedes ML (Switzerland), Mercedes C-Class (Finland) (Sept. 2002)
Mercedes CLK (Dec. 2002)
Has a chauffeur ( October 2003) 

Dream Road Car: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren


Favorite Band: U2 

Favorite Singer: Eminem

Favorite Finnish Band: Bomfunk MC


Favorite Food: Chicken, Pasta, Reindeer Meat 

Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: Apple Juice 

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Vodka, Smirnoff Ice


Shopping: Doesn't really like clothes-shopping. 

Racesuit: Sparco Nomex, loose,full vertical velcro fastenings, no waistbelt.

Raceshoes: Silver and black. 

Ring: Wears a silver one on his left ring finger 

Suits: Usually paired with a purple shirt or a purple tie. 

Sunglasses: Hugo Boss 

Watch: Tag Heuer Formula 1 Professional, Tag Heuer Kirium F1 with  black strap, Tag Heuer Link with engraving (After 1st Win)

Money Matters

Salary: $4.5M/year 

Net Worth: Approximately $16.3M, ranked 28th in 2003 F1 Rich List 

Charity: Donates a lot to charity especially children's charities

Other Stuff

3 Thing to Take on a Desert Island: Lots of food, girlfriend and helicopter.

Ambition Outside Racing: Start a family at some point 

Dream Holiday: Carribean 

Favorite Country: Finland 

Films: Watches a lot of movies. Likes A Knights Tale and Gone in 60 Seconds 

Handedness: Right (Writing), Left (Hockey) 

Ideal Dinner Companion: "Girlfriend, girlfriend and girlfriend!" 

McLaren: "I decided on this team because both drivers are given an equal chance and, as one of the top teams, it means you have a chance to win races, and also of course to try and win the championships." 

Oversteer: Prefers it. 

Pets: None 

Rest and Relaxation: Going home to Switzerland, spending time with friends and family 

Sleeping. Sleeps a lot. Needs to be woken up befor qualifying and races!!!

Smoking: Kimi HATES it!!! (But Jenni does smoke)

Tattoo: Black smiling sun on right wrist (Summer 2001) 

Yacht: Does not own one; rents