PC tools


This time is a PC MSX related tool, useful when you have a MSX-BASIC listing and you want to convert it to a fully compatible 16KB ROM cartridge file. The tool even supports the generation of ROM files with binary data (assembler routines used by the BASIC) merged.




Easy. Follow these steps:

  1. First select the BASIC file. Warning!, the BASIC file must be in tokenized form. You can convert it from an ASCII listing using OpenMSX to save it as tokenized format to a disk image and then, extract it using a tool like Lex Lechz's Disk-Manager.
  2. Add optionally the binary file containing assembler routines. The binary file must be a BLOADable MSX binary file, it will be virtually placed in the same address its header contains (check it looking the graphical memory display!). Obviously, the binary data can be accessed from BASIC using DEFUSR (if it's an assembler routine) or simple using PEEK in the right addresses.
  3. Push "Create ROM" button and voilà!, a ROM file will be created.


The tool has not been extensively tested. So I'm sure it will be plagued by bugs, please don't hesitate to report them if you find any!.


Binary : ROMcreator v1.0