Welcome to Ms. Wyman's Chemistry Website!!!

I am very pleased to be teaching Chemistry I, Chemistry II and Advanced Chemistry I at PHS! I am confident that 2018-2019 will be a phenomenal year!

A little bit about me:

I've been teaching high school chemistry for few years. My background is in research and development. I have been an organic chemist and prepared new compounds. I've done research at the cellular level looking for molecular targets to cure disease. I am also a mom with three children and I have many interests outside of science. I enjoy trying new things and consider myself a lifelong learner. These days, I'm also pursuing a graduate degree.

A little bit about chemistry:

Studying chemistry will not only open the door to a new world filled with questions, answers and even more questions, but it will help you develop essential life skills. Chemistry is a problem solving discipline. Whether or not you decide to continue to study chemistry, learning how to identify a problem, organize the knowledge you already process and apply it to formulate possible solutions is an essential life skill. Studying chemistry will also help you to develop perseverance. Often in science, you will try an experiment in the lab and fail. The key to success is to examine what you have done, make logical, calculated adjustments and try again. After a lot of hard work and perseverance, success can be achieved and this is very fulfilling! This is also true in life. We often fail the first time we try something new. I encourage you to keep trying. Finally, there is no debate: chemistry is difficult! However, YOU can do this. If you work hard and keep trying different strategies, you will be a successful student. Mastering chemistry will give you confidence which you can apply to different life situations. You will realize that if you can do one difficult thing (earn a good grade in chemistry), then you can probably overcome other difficult life obstacles as well.

A little bit about your chemistry course:

I encourage you to take your chemistry course seriously. In order to be successful, you will need to be present, alert and ready to learn. You will also need to be prepared by having your required materials with you and completing your assignments. Most importantly,YOU need to work the practice problems. Having a friend show you answers or watching me work a problem in class is not enough. An illustration of this idea might be this: it does not matter how much golf I watch on TV, I cannot possibly expect to win a tournament if I have never picked up a club. This is also true for chemistry exams. If you have never worked a problem on your own, you cannot expect to do well on an exam.

I would like to encourage you to ask questions and get extra help if you feel uncertain about the material. There are many different resources available and together we will figure out what will be best for you. Also, please know that I would be more than happy to work with you or try to explain a concept in a different way. Furthermore, if you are having any kind of problem, please talk with me about it and I know that together, we will be able to come up with a solution.


Ms. Wyman

Email: dwyman@mvr3.k12.mo.us

AC Advisory: Room 208