Ms. Wei's Where I am From Poem

posted Sep 3, 2012, 5:00 PM by Kelly Wei   [ updated Sep 5, 2012, 6:17 AM ]

I am from concrete apartments,  

From small alleys filled with Chinese opera in the hot summer afternoon,

I am from the concrete road mix with the sweet scent of Jasmine

I am from streets dotted with palms and Banya trees

Kapok flowers litter the street from Kapok trees

Whose red peddles are so bright and beautiful  

Who would know it's lifesaving medicinal power?


I’m from preserved tangerine peels and sweet rice cakes

From antique teak wood furniture and old record players

I am from bicycles that take me everywhere

From peddle sewing machines

I am from old coal stovetops that burn too hot to get near


I’m from mom’s comforting hug

Tree bark medicine and sweet rice porridge

From the shoulder of my grandfather

the strong back where I piggy backed on my father


I am from a uniformed marching band and red ties

Flowing through school yards

Where songs of Mao, Lenin and Marx flow through the air


Under the antique chair was a cardboard box

Filled with old plastic containers

Old dolls, faux pearl necklaces and soft brushes

It once spilled countless imagination and happy laughter