Professional Development

Balancing the Dreams of Integrating Educational Technology with the Realities in the Classroom

Introduction: Overview

Ellevation: Program for ELLS and ELD Strudents (English Teachers and those with ELDs)

Starting this year and continuing next year, administration will be using the program to send out RFEP (reclassified fluent English proficient) teacher approval letters to help reclassify students more efficently through our emails. We will also be answering them electronically to reduce the paperwork and have all work collected in one location for the entire process.

Some of you already have received the invitation and link to answer in your inboxes. This is what it should look like:


This is what you will be answering:


This is what gen ed teachers with ELDs will be receiving:

Part One: Teacher Shared Best Practices

Steve Worth --
What is it?
Why use it?

Cristina Aguirre --
What is it?
Why is it?

Beulah Espinoza -- (student) 
and (teacher)    
What is it?
Why use it?

Martha Jimenez-Ito --
What is it? 
Why use it?

Part Two: Interactive Videos - Zaption (
What is Zaption?
Zaption is a web-based application/site that allows educators (and students for assessment) to use Youtube (and other media sites) but overlaying your questions (multiple types) for individual (homework) or presentation (whole class) formative assessment. 
Why use it?
Keeps students engaged and edit videos to just the portion that you want to control information.
What if I have limited technology in my class?
Zaption can be answered on personal devices and computers. Also I have had "challenging" techno days and can use it with pen and paper. Teachers who use plickers, or even small analog whiteboards

Part Three: Digital Journals - Seesaw (

What is Seesaw?
Seesaw is a digital journal that can incorporate and include comments. This is a nice alternative to spiral binders. 
 Why use it?
This is a nice alternative to spiral binders and notebooks that get lost, destroyed or out of order during a semster. This is easy for students. 
What if I have limited technology?
Free app for students for their devices but also a website for computers. As a district, we also have One Note (similar idea but linked to their Office 365 accounts and will be easily available next year through Classroom.


Part Four: Interactive Vocabulary - Quizlet Live (

What is Quizlet Live?
This is a new feature in Quizlet. It requires 12 terms from your lists and then will create a collaborative (randomized) team that the students get to compete against one another.
Why use it?
Clearly integrates and incorporates all students into a testing situation that is enjoyable for students. 
What if I have limited technology?
This is a cell phone enabled program but can also be used on the COWS. This program is not practical with computer labs because students are randomized and need to sit in groups of three. 

Part Five: Introduction to Office 365 Classroom

What is Classroom?
A new platform through Office 365 that is imitating Google Classroom. All teachers have access and groups have been populated using your synergy accounts which means all students have access. If students use mobile device, must download app "Groups". 
Why use it?
Much easier to use then D2L. You are able to post assignments, create a class notebook that will have individual sections for each student, and have conversations. If you use Google products (forms, sheets, slides, and mymaps) you can hyperlink from the assignment page. There are bugs and the grading is not synced to Synergy yet but hopefully be August it'll be a great tool for all. 
What if I have limited technology?
Most students can access with mobile device if they download the free apps (Groups, Word, PowerPoint, Excell). 

Wrap Up: Questions / Concerns / Criticisms

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