Reading Logs

Daily "Do Now" -

Every five weeks, you will be required to complete a reading from any novel. (AP from the suggested AP novels (FOUND HERE). )

In addition to that reading, you will also need to keep a record of your reading using a dialectical journal.

Your journal will follow the same format as your summer reading, but you will have to make 15 entries per book. Each entry needs to be on a different literary element (these may be on the literary elements of your choice).

You will find an excellent literature glossary HERE from Bedford. There is also the glossary from class, found HERE.

You will be given 15 minutes every morning to work on this individual project. It will begin right after viewing of the morning announcements (which will begin immediately at class start - 7:46).

Please set it up in a chart like this:

Chapter Number

(1 point)

Ex. Chapter one

Quote w/page number

(2 points)

(p. 4) “The more expensive a school is, the more crooks it has – I’m not kidding.”

What literary device it uses.... and how it is used in this passage.

(5 points)

non sequitur: What Holden is saying is a non sequitur because he is saying that the wealth a school has is directly relating to the amount of "crooks" a school has. The amount of wealth is not related to the amount of criminals in a place.

My opinion of the passage:

It sounds like Holden is making some generalization about boys from wealthy families. Of course, there have been stories in the news lately that have highlighted rich kids who have gotten in trouble with the law (drunk driving and killing someone) who didn’t go to jail. The judge said something to the effect that the kid was so wealthy and spoiled that he didn’t know that he had done anything wrong. I wonder if this is a related idea?