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Did you know that EVERY sitting US President has read


by Nicolo Machiavelli?

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The Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing - Ayer

Sound and Sense


AP English Language and Composition Novel List ---

You will need to acquire personal (unless it says otherwise) copies of these texts for the coming school year.

These do NOT need to be new books. They may be used. MOST of these books are free online (see links provided). Others can be purchased very inexpensively on Amazon.com and abebooks.com. If you use the online version, you will need to print the chapters on your own.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor (Revised Edition)---- by Thomas C. Foster-

(This is the revised edition)

Online at:https://mseffie.com/assignments/professor/How%20to%20Read%20Literature%20like%20a%20Professor%202nd.pdf

1984 - by George Orwell

Online at: http://www.george-orwell.org/1984

Brave New World – by Aldous Huxley

Online at: https://archive.org/stream/ost-english-brave_new_world_aldous_huxley/Brave_New_World_Aldous_Huxley_djvu.txt

The Communist Manifesto – by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx

Online at:


Animal Farm – By George Orwell

Online at: https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/o/orwell/george/o79a/

Fahrenheit 451 – by Ray Bradbury

Online at: http://www.svsd410.org/cms/lib05/WA01919490/Centricity/Domain/536/451-entire%20book.pdf

Invisible Man – Ralph Ellison

Online at: http://bpi.edu/ourpages/auto/2010/5/11/36901472/Ralph%20Ellison%20-%20Invisible%20Man%20v3_0.pdf

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

Online at: (Note… this is in both English and Spanish.http://www.novelas.rodriguezalvarez.com/pdfs/Atwood,%20M.%20''The%20Handmaid's%20Tale''-Xx-En-Sp-Xx.pdf

Previous Reading from Other AP Classes

Unit 1:Reading Fiction

Bedford- 13-46

  • Ed Dorn - (poem)
  • Kenneth Koch - (poem)
  • Billy Collins - (poems)

Unit 2: Writing About Fiction

  1. Bedford - 47-66
  2. Sample Paper (1st, 2nd, final - model


3. Charles Dickens from Our Mutual Friend (from AP practice test # 1 - class essay #2)

Unit 3: Plot

  1. Bedford - 67-122
  2. Shakespeare:
  3. Sophocles - Oedipus Rex

Unit 4: Character

  1. Bedford 123-181
  2. Ellison - Invisible Man

Invisible Man Page

Poetry From Poetry Review

The Metamorphosis

Unit 5: Setting

  1. Bedford 182-217
  2. Steinback - Grapes of Wrath

Unit 6: Point of View

  1. Bedford 218-269

Unit 7: Symbolism

  1. Bedford 270-303

Unit 8: Theme

  1. Bedford 304-338

Unit 9: Style, Tone, & Irony

  1. Bedford 339-373

Unit 10: Combining the Elements of Fiction: The Writing Process

  1. Bedford 374-387