Why Should You Join Our Club? 

Shelter Medicine Club is not just for those students looking to pursue a career in shelter medicine. The range of topics that our club covers is as flexible as the veterinary field that we represent.

Behavior, epidemiology, parasitology, forensics, animal welfare, and emergency medicine are just some of the various facets of shelter medicine covered. It truly is a very encompassing veterinary field!

For a list of opportunities to take your learning beyond the classroom doors, check out the student opportunities section for some hands on experiences as well as some of our Past Events to get an idea of what our guest speaker events have been about over the years.

Membership sign up: Grab a membership form from our bulletin board! Then deliver your membership dues to one of our officers or email us to let us know if you would prefer to drop it off in one of our school drop boxes.

Membership Requirements:
-Must be a current veterinary or technician student at MSU CVM

-Vet students must be a member of SCAVMA
(incoming class can join on the condition that you will be joining SCAVMA if you have not done so already)
Our Next Events Are:
  • Saturday, March 5th - Working Cat Project
  • Tuesday, March 8th - Spay/Neuter Wet Lab
  • Thursday, March 10th - Limb Amputation Wet Lab

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