Executive Board


Keven Sircher

sircherk@msu.edu Facebook page

Keven is a Senior and studying Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism. He began diving after taking the intro to SCUBA Diving class here at MSU over four years ago and it has taken over his life. Keven has dove all over Michigan, from local Lansing lakes and rivers (yes including the Red Cedar)  to the Great Lakes as well as the Florida Keys and Isla Mujeres, Mexico. He currently holds four specialty certifications and is currently pursuing three more, which
ude Stress and Rescue, Ice Diving, and Search and Recovery. A fun fact about Keven: He has been to all 48 continental states.   


Vice President

Stacy Allen


​Stacy is a Senior this fall at MSU. She is studying zoology with concentrations in Zoo and Aquarium Science and Marine Biology. She got certified this past spring at Gilboa Quarry. She enjoyed doing the CRF project in Key Largo and hopes to one day dive the Caribbean . Her fun fact is that she wants to research sharks whens she graduates.​​



Director of Public Relations 

Event Coordinators  

Club Founder

Gracie Scarsella


Gracie is our founding member and president. She plans on graduating soon with a degree in marine biology.
 She has been SCUBA diving for 6 years. Her favorite place that she dove was Cozumel, Mexico. She would LOVE to dive at the Cayman Islands someday, as well as Belize. A fun fact about her: she completed a Century Bike Race (which is 100 miles) in ONE DAY! Feel free to contact Gracie if you have any questions about anything! She doesn't bite, she promises :)


Alumni Chair Member

Joel Taggart


​​Joel graduated in May of 2012 with his Bachelors in History. He started diving last fall when he took the scuba course at MSU. He had an amazing time diving in Key Largo and he hopes to one day dive the Great Barrier Reef. For now, he is finishing up his Masters program with Swansea University. His fun fact: he has two scuba pups!

Melissa Markham


Melissa has recently graduated from MSU, with a degress in Health and Society. She has been diving for more than a year and has fallen deeply in love with it. She loved diving at Gilboa and she is looking forward to the many amazing experiences she will have diving around the world. Her dream is to dive in the Caribbean and the Great Barrier Reef. A fun fact about her...she was just in 4 countries in 1 day!



                Michael Nichols