Welcome to the Beach Room with 

Mrs. Hughet! 


Upcoming Important Dates: 

October 11th- Run for Funds day!
October 12th- No school!
October 18th- Downtown Denver trip
October 26th-Pumpkin Book Reports due
October  31st- Halloween Parties
November 2nd- Donuts with Dad and early release

Here are our learning targets to start of the year:

I can use patterns and properties of multiplication to multiply up to 100 SO THAT I can use mental math in my everyday life.

I can write a narrative. SO THAT I can recreate a moment in time. 

I can use my schema to make connections while reading SO THAT I can better understand what I read.

I can put the stages of a plant or animals life cycle 

in sequence and compare and contrast them using a 

variety of resources SO THAT I can explain why 

there is diversity in our world.