E-board of 2013-2014

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3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
President: Abdul Syed 
Information Technology Major (Senior)

Ever since Abdul was young, he was always interested in computers and technology. When Abdul first came to Montclair State University, he wanted to become a part of a club that shared his Indian culture. This year, he got the chance to be our Indian Culture Club President. As president, Abdul hopes to have all the members active and involved in all activities. He wants this organization to grow and wants the members to learn new things about their culture and the Indian Culture in general.

Vice President: Mike Joseph
Exercise Science Major (Senior)

Once Mike graduates from Montclair State University, he hopes to pursue a career in physical therapy. Mike really enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and love meeting new people. Being the Vice President of Indian Culture Club, Mike has been more appreciative about his culture. 

Public Relations: Nikita Patel
Biology Major and Chemistry Minor (Sophomore)

Niki has a passion for the Indian culture. She loves listening to Indian music and enjoys dancing to the music. She is a very caring, outgoing person with an amazing personality. Her decision to join Indian Culture Club was a wonderful decision. As Public Relations, she has learned to make fun, colorful, presentable flyers for everyone on campus to see. 

                             Secretary: Jenny Patel
           Business Finance Major and
Marketing Minor (Sophomore)

Being Indian is very important in Jenny's life. She is honored to be apart of Indian Culture Club. She loves to sing and dance to Bollywood music. Jenny is a very outgoing, kind, happy, and helpful person. She has made amazing new friends by attending the meetings and events held on campus throughout the year. 

Treasurer: Stephy Olickal 
Accounting Major (Sophomore)

Once Stephy graduates from Montclair State University, she hopes to achieve her dream of becoming an accountant in the city. She enjoys staying active by dancing for the ICC dance team and swimming at the Recreation Center. She originally joined Indian Culture Club to spread the values of her own culture and now she has become the Treasurer. 
Stephy works to achieve her dream of becoming an accountant in the city. Stephy quotes, “I’m so thankful for the opportunity given from the ICC. I cannot wait to spread the South Indian custom across the campus.”

Historian: Megha Tailor 
Psychology Major and 
Applying to the Teacher Education Program (Sophomore)

Megha has a huge passion for air brushing and drawing. She loves learning more and more about her own culture and enjoys being apart of Indian Culture Club. If you get to know her, she is a very caring, considerate, outgoing, and hardworking person. She is open to meeting new people and enjoys having a good time. Being the Historian of Indian Culture Club gives her a chance to learn more about her own culture and gives her a chance to be more creative with taking pictures. Check out the scrapbook she makes for the 2013-2014 year at the end of Spring Semester in the ICC Office! 

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1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 

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