E-board of 2015-2016

President: Nikita Patel
Biology Major and Chemistry Minor (Senior)

Nikita has a passion for the Indian culture. She loves sing and dance to Indian music. She is a very caring, outgoing person with an amazing personality. Nikita also made a wonderful decision by joining the Indian Culture Club. She's excited to make new friends so she would love for you and your friends to come out and join the Indian Culture Club! 

Vice President: Jenny Patel
Business Finance Major (Senior)

When Jenny first came to Montclair State University, she wanted to be part of the Indian Culture Club. She made amazing new friends by attending the general meetings and events held on campus throughout the school year. She loves to sing and dance to Bollywood music. Jenny is a very outgoing, kind, happy, and helpful person. Last year, she got the chance to became President. As Vice President this year, Jenny wants to see this organization grow and wants the all members to learn new things about their own culture, so take the opportunity to join ICC!

Treasurer: Osman Rehman
Business Finance Major (Junior)

Secretary: Tithi Patel 
Chemistry/PharmD Major (Sophomore)

Tithi is proud of the culture she grew up in. She loves learning about different cultures around the world, and wants to do her part and share her Indian culture. Tithi is in the bridge pharmacy program between Montclair and Rutgers, currently working on the Chemistry portion. She has a deep passion for art and science, as well as meeting new people. Her friendly and outgoing personality makes her easy to go up to and say hello. It will also help her make flyers to promote events and get students active in the club. She hopes to bring fun and knowledge into ICC this year as Secretary.

Public Relations: Sonia Hamdan
Chemistry Major (Sophomore)

Historian: Siya Patel
         Management Information and                     Technology major (Sophomore)

Siya is a very outgoing, friendly, and helpful person who is eager to meet new people. She joined ICC to educate others about her culture and in hopes to built a community for the well being of others. Siya loves to sing, dance, paint and has a passion for photography. As a historian, Siya loves to capture unforgettable moments and make beautiful memories for everyone to remember.  She hopes everyone enjoys ICC and partake in all the meetings, activities, and events.

Event Coordinator: Megha Tailor 
Psychology Major and 
Applying to the Teacher Education Program (Junior)

Megha has a huge passion for air brushing and drawing. She loves learning more and more about her own culture and enjoys being apart of Indian Culture Club. If you get to know her, she is a very caring, considerate, outgoing, and hardworking person. She is open to meeting new people and enjoys having a good time. Being the Secretary of Indian Culture Club gives her a chance to be more organized and responsible. She is excited for the new year to come and meet all the new members that will be joining ICC this year! 

Dance Captain: Neha John 
Public Health Major (Junior)

Neha is a Public Health major going towards Physical Therapy as her future occupation. She is a very outgoing person and loves to explore around and try new things, being very open to her surroundings. As dance captain, she has a passion for dance which she has been doing since childhood, partaking in multiple dance competitions or simply dancing her heart out wherever music is heard.  As dance captain, she wants to bring Bollywood dance, music and culture to all those around her. Just throw your hands up and shake your hips, its as simple as that so come join the ICC Mirchis!