List, Enroll & Remove Students

List, Enroll and Remove Students

NOTE: Blackboard has no connection with WebSIS.  Your Bb Admin adds students in large batch files a week before classes start through the second week of the semester.  You may need to add students to your course after the second week of classes.

To list students:
  • Access the Control Panel, drop the "Users/Groups" area.  Click Users.
  • You should see a list of students who are enrolled.  Remember, WebSIS is always your official roster.

To Remove Students:  
  • List students (shown above)
  • Click the Check box to the left of student's name, then click the "Remove Students" button.

To Enroll Students:
  •  Expand the Users/Groups area of the control panel   (click the drop arrow next to the "Users and Groups" heading)


  • Click Users
  • Click Find Users to Enroll
  • Click browse to search for students by last name etc. 
    • To search for student:
      • Drop the Search menu and select Last Name

      • Type student's last name into the search field, and click GO
  • Click the check box next to student's name 
  • Click submit
  • When you return to the Enrollment screen, click Submit

Karen Rubinstein,
Oct 4, 2010, 9:50 AM