Known Issues

 Issue         Solution
 Copy/Cut/Paste from Word:

Copying and pasting text from MS Word can potentially cause many problems in Blackboard.
For example:
  1. Copy/Paste into Announcements can cause the course NOT to appear on Students Welcome Screen
  2. Copy/Paste into Discussion Forums can cause any forum below it on the list to disappear
  3. Copy/Paste into Content Areas can cause  discrepancies in text size and other 'formatting' problems. 
 Save your Word doc as txt BEFORE you copy/paste.

Type directly into Blackboard text box for shorter items.
 General Problems with Internet Explorer    
Users have noticed several problems associated with using Internet Explorer:
1. Submitting assignments 
2. Opening Docs
3. Browser cache does not clear properly -- so any page errors w/ log in will remain.
 Use Firefox or Google Chrome for Blackboard.  
Test Creation Leads to ERROR for students.  Tests created by cutting and pasting from Word files will have errors.  Students will not be able to take them.  If you must cut and paste use Notepad or Wordpad as the originating document.  

Use Respondus to create your tests.  To obtain this software contact
 Announcements do not Email
(added 9/1/2010)
Blackboard  purposely does not email the full text of the announcements your create.  The system sends a notification that a new announcement has been posted in your course.  Instructors do not receive these announcements.  Students receive the announcement from the sender, "Your_Instructor," and they cannot reply to the announcement.
 MS Office Documents  do not Open
Instructions Here for Faculty

(Updated 9/16/2010)
Word, Excel, PPT files do not open directly in Blackboard; they must be downloaded and opened on the student's computer.  Therefore, students must have MS Office to open these files. 

Blackboard will open a 'blank screen' as the file attempts to download.  Further, Internet Explorer may attempt to block the content.  Firefox and Chrome will attempt to save/open the file.

Solution:  Save your MS Office file as a PDF before you upload it to Blackboard.  Full Instructions Here.  If you do not see the PDF add-on in MS Office, you will need to go to the Microsoft web site to download and install it. See link below.

For MS Office 2007 Users:
Download the MS Office PDF Add-On (includes instructions)

For NON-MS-Office 2007 Users: CutePDF works nicely.