Grade Center Overview

The Blackboard Grade Center is a spread sheet that allows you to record and track students grades. Exam and Survey grades automatically appear in the Grade Center when students complete their Bb created exam/survey (except for essay and short answer).  Columns for Assignments, Safe Assignments and other "graded" feature items are added to the Grade Center automatically when you create that item.  You can also add columns, create special views of the grade center, weight grades, send email, print grade reports and organize your grade center.   
Read this Grade Center Overview

NOTE: You must use WebSIS to submit your mid-term and final grades.  Blackboard has no relationship or connection to WebSIS.

 View this video for a quick overview of adding a column and entering grades.

Quick Tip:  Download or Backup your Grades:  Click the Work Offline button and follow the on-screen instructions to download a copy of your grades into MS Excel. 

Summary of Attached Files:
The Grade Center Overview: Provides a general introduction to the grade center, how to navigate, add a column and enter grades. 
Getting_Started_with_the_Grade_Center:  A more detailed introduction to the Grade Center (by Blackboard Inc.)

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