This page covers the following topics (please scroll down to view):
  1. Create a new exam
  2. Tips for creating exams
  3. Make an exam copied from a previous semester available
  4. List all exams in the course, add an exam to a content area, and make it available.
  5. Creating a test off-line and uploading it to Bb, using Respondus.

Create a New Exam w/in a Content Area:
  This video demonstrates how to create an exam directly from a content area:

Create Tests on Bb 9

Question Types:  Visit this web site for a good explanation of question types in Bb9
Tips for Creating Exams
  1. For exams with essay questions  -- allow multiple attempts!  Students who keep their browser open on a test for several hours w/o activity may experience time-out issues.  They will lose any answers on the test (unless they have been saved). 
  2. Encourage students to SAVE every answer as they take the test.  
  3. View the student tutorial site here for instructions you can add to your course.

Make an Existing Exam Available:
If your course was copied from a previous semester you will see the test listed in a content area, but it will be 'grayed out.'  You will need to make your test available:
  1. Access the Content Area where exams are located.
  2. Drop the menu next to the test and select Edit Test Options
  3. Set the Availability to YES
  4. Set any other options needed
  5. Click Submit.
Listing Exams:
You can view a list of all exams within your course.  Some exams may have been copied from a previous semester but have never been added to a content area.
  1. Expand the Course Tools area of the control panel
  2. Select Tests/Surveys/Pools
  3. Select Tests
  4. You will see a list of all exams, where they are currently deployed as well as when they were last edited.
  5. Click the drop menu of any exam to either Edit it, Export it to your computer, or delete it from the course completely.
  6. If you would like to use a test:
    1. Access a content area from the course menu
    2. Drop the Evaluate Button
    3. Select "Create Test"
    4. Select the test from the list of existing tests, and Click the Submit button
    5. You will now see the Test Options screen.  Make the test available and set any other options you need.  Click Submit when you are finished.
Creating a Test Off-Line:
If you would rather create your tests off-line and then transfer them to Blackboard please contact Technology Training Services to request Respondus. We have a campus license,  will email the information to you.  Respondus will allow you to create a test in any of the following ways:
  1. In MS Office Word -- and converted in Respondus
  2. From a Publishers Tests bank -- accessed via Respondus
  3. Using the Respondus software itself
See the Respondus web site for detailed instructions and demo videos.
Karen Rubinstein,
Sep 28, 2010, 1:43 PM