Create a Journal

Create a Journal Link and add it to your course menu or a content area.
There are two steps to this process. 1. Create the Journal and 2. Provide a link to it. 

1. Create the Journal:
From the Course menu, click Tools or Communication
Click Journals 

Click Create Journal

Name your Journal and click Submit

Students can click on Tools or Communication and then Journals to create their entries.  You do not have to create a link to the journal if you prefer students to access it via the Tools/Communication area.  If you want to provide a link read below.

2. Add the Journal Link to either the Course Menu or a Content Area

Add to Course Menu--Provides a link to all journals
Click the "Add Menu Item" button  -- Blue + at top left of menu
Select "Add Tools Link"
Name the Menu Item -- For example Journal or Course Journal
Use the drop menu to select "Journal"
Make the item available 
Click Submit


 A  link to your journal is now on the course menu

Add Journal Link to a Content Area:  This provides a link w/ a writing prompt.

Click on a content area off the course menu
Click Collaborate

Click Create Journal
Click "Link to a Journal"

From the List of journals, select the one you want to link to
Click Next

Provide specific instructions for this journal entry and click submit

Students will see your link in the content area: