Educational Websites

These are fun educational Websites that your child can enjoy while learning! :)

Place Value Game  (see if you can build a bigger number than the 

Tank Game using place value up to 100,000

Fraction Game

Addition Attack!

Action Fraction

Cannon Math

Fun Math Games!

Multiplication Games

Math Space Mission

More fun math games!

Multiplication Mountain

Math Magician

A Plus Math



 Comic Strip Creator

Story Creator

Book Cover Creator

How to write a friendly letter

ELA practice stories and questions

Grammar Ninja

Punctuation Paintball

Fly-by Contractions

Fact or opinion?


Noun Dunk

Spelling City

World known author Patricia Polacco has created an interactive 
website filled with blurbs about all of her books, print-out book 
marks, and so much more!!!

Listen to a story online!

Storyline Online

Follow along with these fun books and interesting illustrations

Tumble Books-Want to listen to books online? Here's a great site 
that has a wonderful assortment of literature! Enjoy!



 Invention at Play

National Geographic for Kids

Science Fair Project Ideas


Social Studies

Statetris    (it’s like tetris but with US states!)

White House for Kids

America's Story

 Search engines


Kids Click!

Ask Jeeves for kids


Other Fun Sites

Brain Pop
Username:  Sachem        Password:  Sachem

Brain Pop Jr.
Username:  Sachem        Password:  Sachem


Practice Sheets for Math, Spelling, Editing, and ELA!

Fun activities - by girls....for girls.

PBS Kids is a fun interactive site for parents and children.

Handwriting for Kids-At this website children can print out 
worksheets specifically designed for them by them to practice 
letter formation, both manuscript and cursive

Cool games and activities