Grade 11 Computer Science

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Computer Systems and Hardware Components:


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Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics

Lab Practice Lab: Logic Gates Quiz1

D'Arcy Science and Technology ENRICH14 Site 

Operating Systems Operating Systems Lab Practice


Research on Operating systems: High Level layers and detailed diagrams

Computer Hardware:  Assembly and Troubleshooting Motherboard and its components Lab Practice Lab: Definitions and roles of a motherboard electronic components  

Computer Hardware

PC Troubleshooting

Systems Design and Internet Programming


    Course Notes                 

Learning Activities (L.A)

 Homework, Assignments,

(L.E.S / E.S.)*


 Quizzes and Tests

Additional Information

and Resources:


Prgramming with HTML and JavaScript

JavaScript Notes

How you should organise your HTML and JavaScript project files at your Google Site?

HTML and JavaScript: Working with tables Statistics Asignment (HTML and JavaScript):

Due Date: Thursday, Oct 29 before Midnight

HTML and JavaScript Programming
November Conditional Statements

Kasey Carvey

TO DO: Write a HTML/JavaScript  program that checks ages between:

0 and 3: message "you're a baby";

4 and 14: message "you're a kid";

15 and 18: message "you're a young adult";

18 and 65: message "you're an adult";

65 and above: message "you're an elder";

Any other values entered by the user that don't belong to any of the above catgories should be flagged as "invalid input"

If else statements

Complete age form. Use the code from Kasey Carvey

Primer Number Assignment:

Research on prime numbers

    JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners' (Kasey Carvey)
           Term 1 Report (November 13, 2009)


NOV 17

Week of Nov23 and Nov 30

 Prime Number Code example


for loop example

Looping Statements 

" for"

Research on Fibonacci numbers   REMINDER: Follow the assignment publication format
Week of Dec 7
  • Fix the program below to do what it is supposed to do:
  • Sum of the first N numbers
  • Change that program using while loop
  • Use it to start the fibonacci numbers assignment

They will be two marks associated to the Fibonnaci project;

1. Research and Web Publishing

2. Systems Design and Programming

Fibonacci Assignment Due Tuesday Dec 15
 Week of Dec 14

The Pink Calculator Draft Phase with working inverse function

Here is the code that disables the right-click function of a mouse: this is important when you don't want anyone to  view your JavaScript code

  • Looping statements.
  • Graphic Design with Gimp
  • Math function, Factorial: example: Factorial of 4, also noted 4! = 1x2x3x4 = 24.
Assignment: Crystal Ball/Globe  Calculator. Your job is to design a spherical object with Gimp and then insert a working version of the Pink Calculator into it. Assignment PART 1 (working version of the Pink Calculator)  Due Dec 22, 2009 before midnight.  


Crystal Globe Calculator      
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