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 Agg - Agg is a commonly used term for paintball fads. Designer headwraps, Rasta or cheetah/leopard prints, and custom engraved or annodized markers are common examples of "Agg". Usage: "My new marker has an agg anno job"

The above deffinitoin is taken from Wickpedea's Paintball Slang dictinary.

 Metrosexuality is, according to British journalist Mark Simpson, the trait of an urban male of any sexual orientation (usually heterosexual) who has a strong aesthetic sense and spends a great amount of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle

 This definitoin is agian taken from Wickpedea. 

 The two definitoins above bare a remarkable resemblence. That is why we here at NO'MAAM have taken it upon ourselves to enlighten the rest of the world about the true depth of the popular paintball term AGG.  Please note that WE the members of NO'MAAM  are our selves Paintball players. We love the sport and while we have no  problem with any  given style of play we find that honesty IS the best policy. We also find AGG and the underlying subtext ridiculous. However if you are or consider yourself to be AGG then by all means step on up open that closet door and step on out! AGG IS the Metrosexual movement ofthe Paintball world!


Top Signs you are a Paintball Metrosexual A.K.A. AGG 

  • You spend an ungodly amount of time searching for "Rare" or AGG worthy Goggle Straps
  • You use phrases such as Gat, Madd Skillz and Upz. 
  • You consider L33T a perfectly normal way to "Chat" across the net
  • You use a retarted amount of symbols in thread titles  (Example ##$$!!@!!!! ) 
  • The inability to workon your own Paintball equipment with out massive amounts of JBWeld and Ducktape
  • You believe bonus balling is perfectly natural and acceptable
  • You feel that Pods are communal property
  • You spend more money on clothing and assesories then on actual paintball equipment
  • You have played woodsball in bright "AGG" jersey's with a shiny electro
  • Rate of Fire gives you "Made Skillz"
  • You do not consider a gun Custum unless it is loaded down with mass marketed after market "Upz"


Stay tuned more to come!


If you would like to Join NO'MAAM then feelfree to send an E-Mail with your name and most used Paintball Handle or Web SN to with the subject NO'MAAM in the title! 



Member List:

#1 MstrTal

#2 Listessa

#3 BE_Rogue

#4 Surge-NS 

 #5 Chaos

#6 Fluff

 #7 Phantom Power

#8 Tescrash 

#9 AmericanPaintball

#10 ScrapIron

#11 H2O

#12  GreyDeth

#13 Tail Gunner

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