Why Go Greek?

Highlights of Greek Life:

Greek membership here at Missouri S&T has many benefits. Sorority women are committed to scholarship, community service, philanthropy, sisterhood, leadership development, and campus involvement. Being a member of a National Panhellenic Conference sorority gives young women the chance for personal growth as well as developing many interpersonal skills. Greek students will grow from enriched life experiences as well as gain preparation for future life challenges. 

All members are highly encouraged to participate in campus activities. Each chapter competes in intramural sports, and has several members who play on intercollegiate teams. Members are involved in nearly every organization on campus and many sorority women are leaders and officers in those groups. Each sorority participates in Homecoming, St. Pat's, Greek Sing, and Greek Week.

Each chapter has established and enforced quiet hours as well as resource files, which help with studying. Older members of the chapter are always willing to help. Study groups and "study buddies" are very common.

The chapter house is your home at Missouri S&T. You are provided with a furnished room consisting of a bed, closet, dresser, desk, telephone, and ethernet jack. Each house has a living room, television room, study areas, and a dining area. Alcohol is not allowed in any of the Panhellenic houses, providing a safe and quiet place to study. Also, each chapter has a keyless entry system, allowing only members of that house to come in, and the ease of not having to worry about carrying around your key.

Each sorority house at Missouri S&T is approved student housing. Part of this approval is a meal plan, and each has its own meal plan and cooks. The members help in planning, budgeting, and cleanup of the meal. All houses allow its members to cook and eat outside of normal mealtime as well.