*What will being in a sorority do for me?

Being in a sorority will open numerous doors for you. It will give you an opportunity to be put in leadership positions and allow you to network with tons of new people. Membership in a sorority will give you friendships that will last a lifetime and everlasting memories.

*I have heard that sororities have various reputations. How do I handle this information? 

No two chapters are the same, they differ from campus to campus. The only opinion that matters is yours. If you listen to someone elses opinion you might not be satisfied with your choices during recruitment. Each chapter is made up with many personalities with different qualities and talents that make the sorority a whole.

*What if I have trouble choosing between certain chapters?

This is a common dilemma when going through recruitment. Don’t stress about it too much. When going through recruitment think carefully and look at what each sorority has to offer. The chapter you choose should feel like a second home.

*What if I am shy?

There are a lot of shy people that have gone through recruitment before you and you shouldn’t let this bother you! There will be members in every chapter who are shy too. Sororities have girls of all personalities and that is what makes them so strong. Be yourself and let the girls get to know you as best as they can. Always remember that sororities want to impress you just as much as you want to impress them.

*I’m a sophomore. Should I bother going through recruitment?

Yes, many sophomores go through recruitment and get bids.

*How hard is it to balance sorority life and academics?

No one is the same when it comes to time management. Time commitments also vary from chapter to chapter. Many sorority women are able to manage sorority responsibilities, jobs, tough academic schedules and involvement in other campus organizations.