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Formal Recruitment

What is Formal Recruitment?
Held the weekend before classes begin in the fall, Formal Recruitment is held for all women interested in joining a Panhellenic sorority or finding out more about Greek Life at Missouri S&T. During Formal Recruitment, events activities are planned to help potential and current sorority members get acquainted. Such activities during during Recruitment include visits to all three houses, and getting to meet and talk to many members from each chapter in a friendly and casual environment. Through this process, you will decide which chapter you feel is best fit for you, and which you would like to be associated with. On Bid Day, the Monday following Formal Recruitment, you may receive an invitation, or bid, to join that sorority.
Activities during recruitment include meeting the women of the three National Panhellenic Conference sororities on campus, as well as visits to each house. 
Meeting each chapter is a fun experience and is a great way to build friendships and get acquainted with Missouri S&T.

How do you know if Greek Life is for you?
Being in a sorority is about connecting different girls together through a common bond. 
It's about supporting each other and being supported in return. 
It's about scholarship because that is every student at Missouri S&T's primary focus, 
but it's also about service because by helping others, we also help ourselves to become better people.
One of the strongest aspects of a sorority is sisterhood
and knowing that there is a whole house of women hehind you. 
A sorority is about relaxing and having fun after a tough weeks work. 
When you're with your sisters, there's always fun social events to brighten up your day. 
Most of all, a sorority is about leadership, and helping it's members gain the confidence 
and skills to be strong and independent women.

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