Maria Santiago-Valentín

In these pages you will find information about my career as an educator of World Languages since 1993, and other roles. I completed a Post-Masters degree as an Educational Diagnostician or Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant in New Jersey in 2014.  I am excited to see expanding my role and experiences in education.

Maria Santiago-Valentín is a Learning Disabilities Consultant, Behavior Technician, currently one of the Bilingual columnists and writers of the digital magazines My Trending Stories and Negocios Hispanos USA, Mindfulness Ho'oponopono Certified Practitioner, mother of two daughters, and an environmental, education and social justice activist.  Maria speaks English, Spanish, and French with fluency. In 2010 Maria served in the Board of Trustees of the Barack Obama Green Charter HS in Plainfield, New Jersey and in its Nominating Committee in 2014. She was a member of the Puerto Rican Society of Elizabeth, New Jersey 2008-2011. She is currently a member and was the Region 2 Chairperson of the New Jersey Association of Learning Consultants (2016-17). She is a an Organizing of Action volunteer member since 2010 and one of their New Jersey Climate Leads since 2013, a member of the Learning Disabilities Association of New Jersey, one of the board members at Project Exceed, and a New Jersey Climate Leader (2013) and Mentor (2017) for the Climate Reality Project LeadershipCorps. In New Jersey María has mentored undergraduate students as a Cooperating Teacher for Seton Hall University and the College of Saint Elizabeth in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Maria has been contributing in different newspapers: Negocios Hispanos USA, New London Times, Poder Latino USA, Elizabeth Inside Out, & Banda Oriental Latinoamérica of Rahway. María was one of the plaintiffs in the "Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding" during 2004-2007. Ms. Santiago was one of the Co-founders of CURE (Community United for the Renaissance of Education). CURE was a multilingual, parent-teacher community group that supported the public school system of New London, Connecticut.  Ms. Santiago helped organized car-caravan parades to the public library, community forums, translated public events and even helped published the CURE newsletter.  She has been an outspoken defender of not only the bilingual programs of NLPS district but for multi-lingual education at all levels...given that she is fluent in English, Spanish and French.   She was one of the founding members of Comité Político Comunal in New London, Connecticut. As the result of the work of the Comité Político Comunal, for the first time in the history of New London, 2 Hispanics were elected for public service. In March 2015 Maria received an award for her advocacy and contributions to improving education in urban public schools, and for her volunteer community service in Connecticut and New Jersey, by the New Jerseyan Hispanic Newspaper Poder Latino USA.  In December 2016 Maria was appointed as one of the Board of Directors of the non-profit rganization  eGirlPower. This organization's mission is to bring national and international awareness to Gender Equality and to support Girls' Education locally and globally. Maria organized the New Jersey's People Climate Movement Rally in 2017 and founded the New Jersey Coalition for Climate Justice.  She is also member of the Environmental Justice Committee of New Jersey Sierra Club and the Chair of Diversity of the Central Region of New Jersey Sierra Club. In July 2017 Maria joined an international group of experts in Climate Crisis and she was selected to write the chapter Climate Crisis and Education of Climate Abandoned, an upcoming book by the author of America Abandoned ~ The Secret Velvet Coup That Cost Us Our Democracy by Jill Cody M.P.A  Maria is a Core Team member of Sierra Club Grassroots Network- Healthy Homes for All.

 In January 2016 Maria and Assemblyman John McKeon spoke on the new bills passed by the New Jersey State legislature that make critical steps towards helping the environment.
Assemblyman John McKeon and Maria speaking about current legislation in New Jersey that protects the environment

Maria presented with Dr. Christine H. López the workshop: "But I'm not a special education teacher? Accommodations and Modifications in the LMC" at the 2015 Annual Conference of the New Jersey Association of School Librarians.

Contact information:
Maria Santiago-Valentín, M.A., M.A., LDT/C, BT
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
Educational Diagnostician