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World Audience Publishers--This press I envisioned, created, founded in New York, built, run, and own. Here is one listing: 15 years on Our titles are in the New York Public Library, in bookstores and libraries worldwide, as well as on the shelves of book readers worldwide. Over 1 million print copies sold and distributed (sales, not returns, as with large presses)--and even far more e-books sold and read. We've been on TV such as TODAY show and featured prominently on the front pages of major newspapers such as NY Times, magazines, Associated Press, and other huge and diverse media too numerous to count. Please also read about my extensive experience producing theater in New York in my how-to guide book below. My blog / @Strozier_m

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  • If I Can Make It There, I Can Make It Anywhere - [ Amazon ]
  • The Man's Diet: 6-Step Diet for Men, Especially Middle-aged Men - [ Amazon ]
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  • The Tragedy of Abraham Lincoln & Other Plays - [ Amazon ]
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  • Impeaching George W. Bush and His Administration; Essays by Different Writers - [ Amazon ]
  • Barack Obama: Critical Essays by World Audience Authors - [ Amazon ]
  • Paper Doll by Chyna - [ Amazon ]
  • The Longest War: Stories by American Combat Veterans - [ Amazon ] An ongoing project to collect war stories. Send in your story.

M. Stefan Strozier, 569 B.C. -- 2019 A.D.