Welcome! This will be the homepage for all the classes that I teach. If you click on your respective class on the left, the link will take you to all of the valuable in
formation you will need to in order to be successful this school year. All no
tes, assignments, study guides, announcements, etc. will be 
posted on this website, so be sure to add it to your bookmarks! Each of these categories will be listed under the corresponding class on the left. So, for example, if you miss a day of American History and need to find the notes that you missed, it will be listed underneath "American History," in the "Class Notes" category. If you miss a day, you miss a lot, but this website is here to help you easily catch up on what 
you missed!

PLEASE, do not hesitate to come to me if you have questions or concerns about what we are learning in class, an assignment, quiz, etc. My job is to help you succeed!

**Class Email: jstorck@ivcsd.org

Ms. Storck's 2014-2015 class schedule:

First Semester
1 - Government
2 - American History
3 - American History
4 - Study Hall
5 - American History
6 - Current Affairs
7 - Prep
8 - Government

Second Semester
1 - Economics
2 - American History
3 - American History
4 - Prep
5 - Study Hall
6 - Justice in America
7 - Psychology
8 - Economics